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Capital & Regional plc

“From a strategic stand-point, outsourcing to Northdoor enables us to focus on our property business. It also provides significant cost savings in both headcount and training, and reduces risk for the business. Charles Staveley, Finance Director.”

Outsourcing IT systems management to Northdoor helps Capital and Regional to focus on growing its business

With Northdoor providing a complete managed service for business critical back-office IT systems, Capital & Regional has significantly cut operational IT costs, improved service levels and reduced risk. This strategic outsourcing arrangement enables Capital & Regional to leverage the advanced technical skills of a pool of experts while supporting the company’s aim to become more flexible and responsive.

About Capital & Regional

Capital & Regional plc (C&R) is a co-investing property asset manager: the company manages property assets on behalf of funds and joint ventures in which it holds a significant financial stake. Headquartered in London, the company manages almost £3 billion of property assets, and aims to build best-of-class specialist management teams for the retail and leisure sectors in which it operates.

The Business Challenge

C&R provides a broad set of IT, telecoms and other services to a number of its managed properties, and is aiming to grow this service portfolio. The company reviewed the cost of internal specialists against the cost of third-party provision of services, and made a strategic decision to outsource the management of business-critical back-end IT systems.

The existing team was too thinly spread across too many technologies, and therefore tended to lack the skills and expertise to manage all services to the expected level. C&R was making a significant investment in training, but much of this was wasted due to staff turnover. By outsourcing the management of its IT systems, the company aimed to reduce the operational risk of missing service level agreements, cut costs and improve its focus on core business issues.

The Northdoor Solution

“Northdoor was able to demonstrate a proven track-record in providing managed services to companies of our size and complexity, and its consultants had the breadth and depth of technical skills we needed,” says Rebecca Brockett, Head of IT.

Northdoor is now fully responsible for the management of C&R’s back-end systems, which are hosted in a third-party data centre. C&R retained four IT staff to provide desktop and end-user support, and the Northdoor team works closely with this internal team to ensure a seamless service to the business.

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