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Retailers, let's get back to one:one service

June 2015

How retailers can overcome the issues presented by the sheer scale of online activity, and reintroduce one to one service and personalisation with their marketing campaigns. Read more

How property and construction companies take advantage of a growth market

April 2014

With growth now firmly in the sights of many property and construction companies how do they position themselves for success? Jon Milward, Group Marketing and Partnership Relationship Manager explains how property and construction companies need to be evaluating their IT set up to ensure it can meet their needs now and in the future. Also how having an IT as a Service can be the utopia for many companies.

Read more.

Maximise the cloud opportunity

September 2013

The cloud is not a one-size-fits-all-solution. Jon Milward, Operations Director – Integrated Solutions, discusses the five top key considerations organisations should ask themselves before adopting a cloud computing solution. Read More

The importance of managing legacy systems effectively

August 2013

Jon Milward, Operations Director – Integrated Solutions, discusses the options companies can take to manage their legacy systems and applications. Read More

Cloud computing offers compelling benefits for insurers 

July 2013

Why insurance companies who are willing to embrace cloud computing is essential for competing on a global scale. Read More

Solid-State Storage - The Economics of Performance

June 2013

Organisations that have specific high performance requirements or the need to boost a particular application should consider solid-state storage. David Ballard, CEO, and directors of Enterprise Solutions at Northdoor, AJ Thompson and Rob Batters, explain how enterprises can benefit from solid-state storage and what they should consider before implementing it. Read More

Data Migration - It's all about the data

May 2013

Organisations should not underestimate the size and complexity of the data migration challenge in an application replacement project. David Ballard, CEO, at Northdoor examine the key issues involved in data migration and also outline the six steps necessary for success. Read more.

Data in 2013: Store IT. Protect IT. Use IT

February 2013

Data is the new asset for the CFO – David Ballard, CEO and AJ Thompson, Director of Enterprise Solutions, shared their perspective on the IT lessons learnt during the past 12 months and consider which key themes will capture the attention of CFOs and other business leaders this year. Read more

How Secure is Your Organisation?

January 2013

Security solutions are often implemented in a piecemeal approach with point solutions addressing specific types of threats. While this may solve acute security problems, gaps can soon appear. Northdoor recommends a business-focused, comprehensive approach to security, starting from a scenario-based analysis… Read more

Big Data - Moving Beyond the Hype

December 2012 

Big Data is an evolution, not a revolution, and compels organisations to re-examine what they traditionally consider as business information. In this article, Northdoor directors David Ballard and AJ Thompson recommend a pragmatic approach to Big Data and give real world examples of Big Data analytics in action. Read more

Harnessing the power of Big Data

December 2012

What approach should financial service firms use to get the most from Big Data? In this article on Global Banking & Financial Review, AJ Thompson, Commerical Director of Enterprise Solutions, explains the challenges associated with Big Data and what three key areas firms should consider when trying to achieve a robust IT strategy. Read more

Why insurers need to keep ahead of Solvency II

October 2012

Northdoor explains the need for insurers to keep up to date with the latest Technical Provisions requirements and how enhancing the scalability and robustness of actuarial modelling tools can address inherent IT shortcomings and bolster systems reliability ahead of the Solvency II end state. Read more

Microsoft: an enterprise-class player

August 2012

Jon Milward, Operations Director - Integrated Solutions on Microsoft's ability to meet the business IT needs of financial services firms. 
Microsoft is largely known for its consumer products and Office software. How has the firm been increasing its credibility as an enterprise IT provider? Read more

Private or Public cloud, which is best suited to your business?

July 2012

Jon Milward, Operations Director - Integrated Solutions on the misconceptions surrounding cloud and the various hybrid options available.

The initial challenge for most businesses when assessing their cloud computing options is overcoming the confusion surrounding cloud terminology. With so many labels and technical jargon, there are many varied interpretations with terms meaning different things to different people. The labelling of cloud solutions as being either ‘public’ or ‘private’ is one such example of loosely-defined terms that have led to a lot of confusion for many businesses. Read More

Insurance Technology: Shared Intellectual Property Model Will Help Firms Gain Greater Control Over Their IT Strategy

Dec 2011

The insurance market is facing a number of important challenges at the moment: a steady flow of new regulations, the need to manage a wide variety of risks effectively, and a weak economy that’s causing budgets to be tightened across the board.

When deciding on your IT strategy, you’ll need to consider where you’d like your firm to be in several years’ time, so that you can identify what resources you’ll need to achieve these goals and then plan accordingly. Read how Northdoor's shared IP model will help firms gain greater control over their IT strategy. Read more

IT Services are an Essential Part of a Successful Cloud Computing Strategy

Dec 2011

Cloud computing has democratised technologies which used to be the preserve of large enterprises, and made them more accessible for SMEs. However, in order to gain the greatest benefits from the cloud model, IT services need to be at the centre of any cloud computing strategy. Jon Milward, Director of Managed and Support Services, discusses why IT ‘services’ are an essential part of a successful cloud computing strategy. Read more

Uncovering the Hidden Costs of Cloud

Sept 2011

Without a doubt, there are a number of compelling benefits associated with cloud computing, especially in terms of the agility and scalability that it can provide. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that cloud computing is the cheapest, fastest or simplest option for your IT delivery. Jon Milward, Director of Managed and Support Services, discusses a number of potential costs that senior executives need to consider before moving to cloud. Read more

Insurance Technology: Effective globalisation will depend on the ‘IT’ Factor

Sept 2011

As global markets become more and more interdependent, insurance companies will increasingly need to change the way that they operate. In the autumn issue of Insider Quarterly,Northdoor discussed how a modern, flexible IT architecture can help insurers address the varied local requirements, such as languages, tax and technical ledgers, on a global scale. Read more

Are Your IT Costs Out of Control?

July 2011

This point-of-view article from Northdoor outlines how IT departments can evaluate opportunities to eliminate waste in IT expenditure while maintaining or even increasing service levels, thereby freeing up budget to invest in future capabilities. By re-examining the cost and quality of day-to-day operations, IT departments can realign their activities to deliver the business requirements in a more efficient manner. Read more

Insurance Technology: Maximising Your Solvency II Investment

July 2011

Solvency II is not all about capital. In the summer issue of Insider Quarterly, Northdoor urged insurers to look beyond the regulations, and start to think about how the implementation of Solvency II requirements can help to improve the organisation’s business processes and data governance. Read more

Managing Legacy Systems

May 2011

When it comes to managing your company’s IT systems, it’s vital to consider the legacy technologies you have in house as part of the IT strategy and management plan. Legacy systems pose potential risks to the IT operation and business continuity for a number of reasons. Jon Milward, Director of Managed and Support Services of Northdoor, discussed the options for managing the legacy systems. Read more

Outsourcing your IT Infrastructure: The Top Three Myths Debunked

May 2011

Many companies still believe that they are ‘too small’ to consider outsourcing their IT infrastructure. In fact, outsourcing the provision and management of IT infrastructure can help small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) reduce costs, gain greater control and increase the flexibility of their IT operations. Jon Milward, Director of Managed and Support Services of Northdoor, discussed three common myths of infrastructure outsourcing. Read more

Adding the Human Touch to Your Outsourcing Governance

April 2011

Outsourcing should not be viewed as a mere contractual arrangement. The ability to build real partnership with your supplier will help to maximise the return on your investment considerably. Jon Milward, Director of Managed and Support Services of Northdoor, offers useful tips on managing outsourcing relationships on, a leading outsourcing website in the U.K. Read more

Plan for IT Success

March 2011

Putting the appropriate time and effort into developing a sound IT strategy will make sure that any investment made in the area is money well spent. David Ballard, CEO of Northdoor, gives away top IT tips for start-up and spin-off businesses in the Accountancy Age magazine, a leading finance and accountancy publication in the U.K. Read more

Don’t Outsource a Problem – Four Critical Steps
to Determine the Right IT Sourcing Strategy

March 2011

Determining whether you’ve sourced your IT correctly is an ongoing process that requires a clear understanding of the business goals, accurate measurements of performance and costs and a structured decision-making cycle. In Northdoor’s opinion, there are four critical steps involved in assessing your existing sourcing arrangement and building a new strategy. Read more 

Don't Let IT Hype Cloud Your Judgement

December 2010

Cloud computing is clearly the latest hot topic for the IT industry. Northdoor sees cloud as a new option, not a new imperative. As with any other service delivery method, you will need to carefully consider whether cloud is a valid option for your own particular business and IT applications. If you are interested in cloud’s potential to deliver capital and operational cost-savings, you need to think about four critical areas: business requirements, system interoperability, security and regulatory compliance and service level agreements. Read more 

Solvency II - An Essential Directory

November 2010

Solvency II is a serious issue that has rightly captured the attention of the entire insurance industry. While Solvency II requires considerable support from IT, business teams within the same organisation often collate and evaluate comparable sets of data differently. Northdoor believes that centralised data directories should form an integral part of implementing Solvency II, not only to fulfil regulatory requirements but to make business operations easier too. Read more


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“Munich Re was aware that there could be considerable value for its clients in creating a solution to the administrative challenge, so the key requirement was for systems which are flexible and...”
Munich Re
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“Installing HA was very much a strategic decision for our company. We feel that the investment in iTERA HA is about more than just securing the data and the operations. It gives us free hands to take...”
Oliver Adams
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“Northdoor have firm beliefs about how business should be conducted and were able to ensure that top-level people worked on the project. Without their level of professionalism and dependability we...”
Managing Agency Partners Ltd (MAP)
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“All too often IT suppliers agree to take on a project before they are sure they can deliver a solution. That’s not our experience of Northdoor. We’ve found them to be very pragmatic and honest in...”
Pret a Manger
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““The robust technology platform that Northdoor designed and implemented for us exceeded our expectations, and has more than justified our investment.” Andrew Foster, Head of Change Management,...”
Europe Arab Bank
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“ManageLine from Northdoor delivers a reliable, stable database platform for key business systems - Paul Evans, IT Infrastructure Services Manager”
Fortis Bank UK
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““Our management, sales teams and partners requested a continual stream of reports to support their own particular business objectives. These requests were often high priority and placed considerable...”
Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
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“We knew Northdoor would likely have the expertise to guide and help us with security management. Nigel Snow - IT Manager, HSH Nordbank, London”
HSH Nordbank London
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“We thought Northdoor's proposal was outstanding, their approach was flexible and by understanding our needs they met our requirements fully.”
Carphone Warehouse
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“From a strategic stand-point, outsourcing to Northdoor enables us to focus on our property business. It also provides significant cost savings in both headcount and training, and reduces risk for...”
Capital & Regional plc
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“The Northdoor consultants provided excellent service throughout the engagement. BladeCenter is practically a data centre in itself, and Northdoor’s skill in setting up the technology was a major...”
DnB NOR Bank
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“We found Northdoor a very reliable company to work with, and very flexible in their approach. When a supplier has both technical know-how and the willingness to see the project through it's...”
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“Northdoor immediately impressed us with their professionalism, personal approach and technical skills. Steve Phillips, IT Manager.”
Carlin Music
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“I believe that we have an excellent reputation in the market for successfully executing acquisitions and transitions in a timely and seamless manner, and Northdoor continues to be a key factor in...”
Insurance Management Services Limited (IMSL)
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“The ManageLine contract gave us the cover we needed at a similar cost to maintaining our former in-house resource. The added benefit is that we now have a team looking after the SQL databases 52...”
A major London based Insurer
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“Northdoor were awarded an European IT Excellence Award for the work they performed for us. They delivered our system working to specification against incredibly tight deadlines. Northdoor has...”
Ark Syndicate Managment Ltd
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“Working with Northdoor to implement Echo² and the second System i5 solution has strengthened our confidence and provided a true high-availability environment at low cost. Amar Khan, IT Support Manager”
Tradex Insurance
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“With our data hub built on Microsoft SQL Server 2012, information quickly flows throughout Stenham Asset Management, which helps us compete more effectively.”
Stenham Asset Management
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“The managed service from Northdoor gives us confidence that we can continue to exceed client expectations in the future. Working with Northdoor also ensures that we keep abreast of any technical...”
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“And in practice, working with Northdoor has been like having our own IT department.”
Digital UK
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“Northdoor were awarded an European IT Excellence Award for the work they performed for us. They delivered our system working to specification against incredibly tight deadlines. Northdoor has...”
Ark Syndicate Managment Ltd
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“Delivering better, faster insight is crucial to our survival. For the first time, we can now see the entire business picture on a real-time basis, helping us act quickly to seize new opportunities.”
Premium Choice
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“Without an expert onsite you really have to trust your supplier's advice. There are many who will recommend the most elaborate solution rather than the best one for your business. Northdoor have...”
First Counsel & Barbara Houghton Associates
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“We have absolute confidence in Northdoor’s ability to support our business users, and having a fully managed service keeps our internal IT staff free for more strategic projects. Vivienne Smith –...”
FCm Travel Solutions
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“Northdoor filled us with confidence from the very first meeting and have continued to live up to and exceed our expectations.”
Pret A Manger
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“The combination of an increase in business volumes, the growth of online mortgage applications and a desire to cut server maintenance and licensing costs called for a strategic rethink. Malcom Duff,...”
Platform Home Loans
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“Northdoor takes care of all the technical issues around administering SQL databases, at an agreed price, allowing us to focus on customer service. Vivienne Smith, Flight Centre.”
Flight Centre
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“How many times have you been asked to deliver "one version of the truth"? Why is that single truth so elusive for business?”
or the myth of one version of the truth?
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“I’ve lived though many big IT projects - they have always been harrowing experiences. Best case, the projects have taken years. Worst case, the project ends up cancelled after millions of pounds...”
Canada Life
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“Northdoor came highly recommended from another company in our industry, and were able to fully support our hours of operation. Northdoor are big enough to offer the right level of cover and...”
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“All their [Northdoor’s] consultants are extremely knowledgeable yet explain the benefits in a way that non-technical people can fully understand. William Cock - Director at First Counsel”
First Counsel
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“The Northdoor consultants provided excellent service throughout the engagement. BladeCenter is practically a data centre in itself, and Northdoor’s skill in setting up the technology was a major...”
DnB NOR Bank
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“We made a strategic decision to move our disaster recovery environment to the cloud because of the tangible benefits. It gives us the scalability, flexibility and responsiveness that we need as an...”
Northdoor plc
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