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"Northdoor has always been able to hit the ground running on every project. To us, Northdoor is a trusted partner"

Pieter van Tol - Chief Technology Officer
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"Northdoor were awarded a European IT Excellence Award for the work they performed for us - we have been very impressed with the business knowledge of their consultants"

Nick Bonnar - Director of Underwriting
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"Northdoor’s domain expertise in IBM infrastructure was instrumental to the development of ABRSM’s core business application"

Julie White - Application Development Manager
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"With Northdoor’s help, this project was outstanding - on budget and ahead of schedule. Who could ask for more?"

Tom Corcoran - Managing Director
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"Northdoor immediately impressed us with their professionalism, personal approach and technical skills"

Steve Phillips - IT Manager
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"We have reduced data reporting time by 87% by implementing IBM Cognos Express"

Simon Rose - IT Director

This reduced data reporting time by a staggering 87%

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"Thanks to the systems Northdoor has developed for us, we are able to provide IFAs with easy access to flexible web-based services for the first time in the Group Risk market"

Eva Schwander - Chief Operations Officer
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"All Northdoor consultants are extremely knowledgeable yet explain the benefits in a way that non-technical people can fully understand"

William Cock - Director
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"As well as being highly competent on the technical side, Northdoor is easy to work with and provides comprehensive ongoing service-level reporting"

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"Northdoor came highly recommended from another company in our industry. Northdoor are big enough to offer the right level of cover and knowledge but they also understood our needs as a small company"

Victoria Clench - Head of Finance and Governance
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"Northdoor saw the opportunity to cut costs by updating the Citrix solution with new hardware and updated software, and cut license and administration costs into the bargain"

Mike Brown - UK IT Manager
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"Thanks to Northdoor, Ghana International Bank now runs its business on an industry-leading solution"

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"I believe that we have an excellent reputation in the market for successfully executing acquisitions and transitions in a timely and seamless manner. Northdoor continues to be a key factor in this"

Paul Donovan - Head of IT
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Zepko's managed security solution allows for automated reporting and alerting

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"The application Northdoor built has the flexibility to interrogate data in any combination we can think of. Theoretically, there is no limit to what we can get out of the system"

David Shipley - Underwriter of Syndicate 2791
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"The Northdoor team demonstrated an exceptional level of commitment and diligence during their engagement and have been a crucial factor in the successful adoption of our new underwriting platform"

Les Agambar - Solutions Architect
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"With the SQL Server Server replication feature we’re confident that data can be accessed from any branch at any time. This is vital for operational efficiency, patient care, and customer convenience"

Kevin Morris - Senior Partner
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"The speed and simplicity of the solutions give me confidence that our most critical applications are well-protected, and that we can be sure of providing the best service to clients no matter what.”

Paul Myers - Managing Director, Operis
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"It’s vitally important that the solution is in good working order at all times, and that’s precisely what Northdoor ensures"

David Colver - Chairman
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"Delivering better, faster insight is crucial to our survival. For the first time, we can now see the entire business picture on a real-time basis, helping us act quickly to seize new opportunities"

Rupert Gladstone - Head of IT
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"We chose Northdoor because it has deep expertise and knowledge of IBM hardware and software. Northdoor was critical in helping us deliver this programme of work within very tight timescales."

Eric Sheley - IS Director
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"Northdoor helped us to clearly understand what our migration options are from a SQL Server environment design and licensing perspective. Their work has helped us to minimise costs"

Garry Tatton - Asst Dir. of Operations
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"Northdoor helped us build a solution that is distinguished by its simplicity"

Sally Briggs - IT Manager
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"Thanks to Northdoor we now have an IT infrastructure that supports our business requirements now and in the future"

John Noble - Finance Partner
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"With our data hub built on Microsoft SQL Server 2012, information quickly flows throughout Stenham Asset Management, which helps us compete more effectively"

Giulio Battaglia - COO