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Northdoor helped Exertis diagnose its performance bottleneck and deploy the perfect solution: all-flash storage from IBM Storwize.


Rapid business growth had put real strain on key business systems at Exertis. With Black Friday looming, the company engaged Northdoor to find and remove the bottleneck. By replacing existing enterprise storage with all-flash IBM Storwize V5030F, Northdoor enabled Exertis to manage a 5X peak in workload without needing to upgrade its servers.

Business Challenge

Technology distributor and specialist service provider, Exertis, was seeing growing sales volumes which threatened to overwhelm core systems. How could the company prepare for coming sales peaks?


IBM Platinum Business Partner Northdoor analysed the Exertis infrastructure and determined that storage was the bottleneck, recommending two all-flash IBM Storwize V5030F systems to boost performance.

Business Benefits


Deployed ahead of the deadline, the all-flash solution enabled Exertis to manage a five-times peak in workload seamlessly, providing ROI within one week, and preparing the company for ongoing growth.

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