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For global businesses like Pret A Manger, trading partner integration is vital to operate efficiently at scale. To help ensure its suppliers handle sensitive data in a secure and compliant way, Pret has deployed RiskXchange from Northdoor—delivering real-time, 360-degree cyber risk insights that help the company maintain a strong security posture.

The Challenge

To drive its global business, Pret A Manager must exchange sensitive information securely with hundreds of suppliers.
How can the retailer ensure its trading partners are handling this data in a secure and compliant way?

The Solution

The Benefits

With the RiskXchange platform driving its new approach to cyber risk management, Pret can exchange information with suppliers confident in the knowledge that it will be handled and processed in a secure, compliant way. RiskXchange scoring empowers Pret to make well-informed decisions about supplier risks within a matter of days.

The Result

Today, Pret uses automated cyber security scoring for all potential and existing suppliers, helping it identify and respond to potential threats rapidly—ensuring commercially sensitive data is protected 24/7.  Read more

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