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James Cherry



By James Cherry, CTO
13 January 2020


A blog post on the advantages of a proven, packaged, highly automated approach to designing and deploying a data warehouse.

Not the same old story

In a 2019 Harvard Business Review survey, 80% of respondents said their organisations were struggling to become mature users of data and analytics, and 55% cited data silos and data management difficulties as their biggest challenges around data and analytics.

If those pain points seem all too familiar, then this may well be the fifth time this week that someone has tried to sell you a data warehouse. But Northdoor’s approach is genuinely different from the norm.

The data warehouse – a centralised repository of high-quality, well-governed data – has a reputation as one of the most costly, slowest and most risky IT projects to undertake. Typical challenges include: lack of internal expertise, difficulty in setting an end goal from the outset, data-quality issues, and ongoing project creep.

Drawing on decades of experience, Northdoor has built a packaged, repeatable approach to creating and managing data warehouses. Using tooling and frameworks developed in client engagements, Northdoor experts can take enterprises from a blank sheet of paper all the way through to a functioning, scalable data warehouse. We offer speed, agility and proven outcomes.

Data Warehouse Project Managers

Why the Northdoor approach is different

Our Data Warehouse Solution provides:

Based on past engagements, we know that we can accelerate a conventional data warehouse project by as much as 80% through our advanced methodology and accelerator tools. These tools include:

Start off on the right foot

Another key difference with the Northdoor approach is that we provide early insight into likely project costs and duration. Your enterprise may then decide that it is not yet ready to proceed with a data warehouse – perhaps having identified serious data-quality issues that need to be resolved first – so you can avoid sinking funds into a premature project.

Our focus on getting the initial groundwork right means that our data warehouse projects deliver business value rapidly. And our goal is sustainability: a successful data warehouse is one that keeps adapting as the enterprise changes. To this end, we provide a perpetual licence for our data warehouse tools, ensuring that you can automatically implement amendments to your warehouse model over time. And we can either support your solution through a worry-free managed service, or transfer our skills to your internal team for self-sufficiency.

Learn more about the Northdoor Data Warehouse Solution here.

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