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For organisations that are required under the GDPR to have a Data Protection Officer, finding and retaining a person with the right skills and expertise is a challenge. Equally, not all organisations will have enough work to keep a full-time, permanent DPO occupied.

Outsourcing the DPO function through Northdoor will help you address the compliance demands of the GDPR and remove the difficulty, cost and distraction of needing to find, employ and retain a permanent employee. For more information check out our DPO Managed Service page.

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DPO as a service

The Northdoor DPO Managed Service is designed to help organisations rapidly and cost-effectively access the right expertise for addressing GDPR compliance. With this simple annual subscription – tailored to fit your specific requirements – Northdoor assigns an expert DPO to serve as an independent data protection specialist for your organisation.

Within the DPO Managed Service, Northdoor offers a comprehensive range of services, scoped according to your needs. These services can include:

  • Advising on the implementation and outcomes of privacy-by-design and data protection impact assessments
  • Serving as the contact point for data protection authorities
  • Overseeing data breach management and reporting
  • Attending and providing updates at quarterly board meetings.

Northdoor’s decades of experience in the protection and governance of enterprise data have enabled us to build a comprehensive portfolio of services around the GDPR.

Our services are modular, highly adaptable and can be applied at all stages of any regulatory compliance programme.

GDPR DPO Service

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