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Protect Your Critical Data
Stop Playing “Chicken” with Your Data-Related Business Risk
Thursday 3rd November 2016
Time: 11:00am
Duration: 1 hour

Do you know the game of “chicken?”
In this game, two drivers drive toward each other, head-on.  Someone swerves or else both crash. This is the game business leaders play with risk every day—blindfolded.
The right risk management dashboard can help you proactively address data-related business risk and protect your organisation.

In this session:
Learn how you can uncover, analyze and visualize data-related business risk, and see how risk management visualisation can work with data security technology to dramatically reduce risk by answering critical data security questions, such as: which LOBs carry the greatest risk, which users put data at risk, what business processes are at risk, and more.

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Speaker: Nevenko (Nev) Zunic
Chief Technology Officer
IBM Data Security Service