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Maximise the working life of data storage investments

Make storage go further by revitalise existing storage capacity, reduce costs and gain new capabilities with Northdoor.

Unlock the full potential of your data storage and get off the purchasing treadmill

New innovations in data storage technology are enabling businesses to break free from seemingly inevitable and costly storage capacity upgrades.

Faster, easier, less costly – new all-flash storage from IBM

Using products from the FlashSystem family, Northdoor helps companies simplify data storage, improve performance, reduce costs and increase resilience.

IBM FlashSystem 9200 for multi-cloud storage

IBM FlashSystem 9200 with IBM Spectrum Virtualize hypervisor enables companies to virtualise existing arrays from IBM and other vendors.

Rethink the way you buy storage with a pay-as-you-grow strategy

The IBM Storage Utility Offering delivers capacity up-front, so business can provision storage as needed—and pay only for the capacity that they use.


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