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GDPR Anniversary: Compliance Matters to Consumers

One year In, read what we have learned about how GDPR requirements have affected organisations and what still needs to be improved.

Take the strain out of Data Masking

Automated data pseudonymisation or masking technologies can save significant time and effort for IT personnel, in addition to helping the entire organisation remain compliant with GDPR.

MiFID ii and GDPR: overwhelmed by acronyms?

Northdoor shows how the need to comply with both MiFID ii and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) causes headaches for financial services companies.

What is GDPR? Top questions on GDPR legislation

Northdoor explains what is GDPR, when it came into force, how things have changed and why Brexit doesn’t matter either way

What do CIO's really think about the looming challenge of GDPR?

Find out how Northdoor can help your business understand and prepare for the coming challenges of GDPR compliance.


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