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Find and protect personal data

Available as either a one-off scan or a continuous service, the Northdoor Data Discovery Service based on Geolang Technology is ideal for data governance

Digging up the dirt on data discovery

The blog introduces GeoLang’s Ascema Platform for Sensitive Data Discovery and the joint GeoLang-Northdoor service offering.

Data masking is not just for big enterprises

Northdoor explains why SMEs need to consider their data masking or pseudonymisation strategy, and how new tools can help ease the strain.

What personal data is hiding on your corporate network?

Northdoor shows how one client discovered vast amounts of personal data hiding in forgotten files and folders on its intranet.

In the dark about the GDPR? Many charities still are...

As the GDPR comes into force, charities need to be aware that the new regulation applies just as much to them as it does to businesses


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