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Boost the scalability of your storage infrastructure while reducing costs with flexible IBM storage

Make data storage more cost-effective and flexible with IBM Storage Utility Offering (SUO) from Northdoor plc.

Top Enterprise IT Trends for 2021

Read our predictions: Seven top IT experts offer their insights and advice on cloud, data security, data management and data privacy in 2021

The key data storage challenges businesses are facing during the increase of home working

With remote working on the rise, businesses are facing certain storage challenges. Read Northdoor plc’s Tom Richards’ take on it.

Flexible cloud-like storage with IBM Storage Utility Offering

Discover how the IBM Storage Utility Offering allows you to pay only for the storage capacity you need.

Rethink the way you buy storage with a pay-as-you-grow strategy

The IBM Storage Utility Offering delivers capacity up-front, so business can provision storage as needed—and pay only for the capacity that they use.


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