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The insurance industry never stands still; companies must constantly adapt to new challenges and develop new capabilities to keep pace with their competitors. Northdoor understands this and continues to evolve and adapt the NdexInsure solution.

Recognising the largely untapped potential of the data they hold, many insurers are turning to business analytics to drive better decision making and open up potential new revenue streams. NdexInsure gives business users self-service capabilities to create visual reports and real-time dashboards on their key performance indicators. By taking advantage of these analytical capabilities across core insurance processes, you can start to predict outcomes, automate decisions and steer the business through challenging times.

Analytics can also help streamline end-to-end business processes in

Insurers can also use NdexInsure to introduce artificial intelligence into processes to increase efficiency and improve the customer experience. For example, intelligent chatbots can enhance the quote-bind process by enabling customers to self-serve at their convenience. Likewise, using machine-learning techniques can enhance claims management by highlighting potentially fraudulent claims, reducing the need for manual oversight and enabling skilled staff to focus on higher-value exceptions.

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