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With decades of experience in serving the London Market, Northdoor offers fully integrated IT consultancy services from infrastructure provision and management through to application support. Supported by a deep understanding of the insurance industry, Northdoor’s consultants and engineers focus on understanding each client’s business objectives and solving any technical challenges that stand in the way. Multiple top-class certifications from the leading global IT vendors highlight Northdoor’s technical expertise.

Key services around the NdexInsure solution include:

Architectural Review

Northdoor draws on its deep technology experience and market knowledge to analyse your existing IT architecture, flag up areas of concern, and make recommendations for enhancements in line with your business goals.

Application Modernisation

Critically important line-of-business applications are often stuck on legacy technology, making them costly, hard to support and inflexible to change. This can prove damaging to your business, slowing development and growth. Northdoor has extensive experience in helping insurance companies move from legacy environments such as Visual Basic 6 and PowerBuilder to modern languages and frameworks such as C#, .NET and Java.

Northdoor can manage and support your legacy environment during any transition, implementing the new language or technology, and migrating the existing code base using our tried-and-tested methodology. The modernised systems can then be integrated with the open NdexInsure components to provide a fully integrated solution.

Data Migration

Northdoor’s proven methodology and experience in data migration ensures smooth adoption of the NdexInsure solution, and helps customers access all of its potential benefits.

Northdoor’s migration tools and techniques help ensure the highest possible data quality in the target systems, based on:

System Integration

NdexInsure can deliver the greatest value when it is fully integrated with your other key systems. Northdoor has extensive experience of integrating the solution with many of the leading insurance-related packages, and NdexInsure uses Web Services to provide a simple, standard way to interface with other systems.

Workflow Management

As the insurance business becomes more complex, it is vital to streamline work processes using workflow tools. Northdoor has extensive experience of deploying and integrating the leading workflow tools on the market, and is able to advise clients on the best solution for their business requirements.


Northdoor provides complete infrastructure solutions for NdexInsure, from virtual or physical servers in your own data centre through to a fully managed cloud-based deployment. Drawing on multiple technical certifications and strong relationships with leading global IT vendors, Northdoor can design, deliver, integrate and manage a reliable, cost-effective platform for your NdexInsure implementation.


Organisations across all industries are increasingly focused on core business, and may seek to outsource non-core activities such as IT support. By choosing Northdoor support services, you can access deep technical expertise at a fraction of the cost of maintaining the equivalent in-house capabilities.

Northdoor provides an award-winning support service for the NdexInsure solution and supporting environments, with a single point of contact for all issues. There are three levels of support:

For more comprehensive coverage, you can choose Life Time Support from Northdoor for seamless support of all of your core business applications.

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