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Overview of IBM Analytics


Colin Lye, Principle Consultant – Solution Architecture Northdoor

“80% of effort for any AI/ML Development Program is consumed by securing the correct data.
Without the correct, trusted, accurate and relevant data your expensive AI initiative or project is going to fail.
Therefore, the journey to insights from AI requires a comprehensive data management strategy in order to deliver that data .“


      The IBM Vision for this journey

IBM-Analytics- 3 blocks with images showing Collect, Organise, Analyse
Collect relevant data and make it simple and accessible
Organise data so that it can be trusted
Analyse insights on demand

Rob Thomas (IBM 2018), coined the mantra “There is no AI without IA”.  IBM’s Information Architecture (IA) portfolio is uniquely positioned in the market to deliver on all aspects of this journey.  The IBM Analytics brand divides these pillars into more industry recognisable subject areas.

Hybrid Data Management 

IBM Analytics-Collect icon

Unified Governance and Integration

IBM Analytics- Organise icon

Analytics and AI

IBM Analytics- Analyse icon


Northdoor, being an IBM Platinum Partner, for 30 years, can provide Solution Architecture, Delivery, Deployment, Development and Support services across the whole IBM Analytics brand.
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