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Achieve personal and sensitive data discovery to drive insight and compliance

IBM® StoredIQ Suite helps you address the problems that challenge your data discovery, records management, compliance activities, storage optimisation and data migration initiatives. By providing an in-depth and in-place unstructured data assessment, this software gives organisations visibility into data to make more informed business decisions.

StoredIQ for Legal provides a platform that streamlines eDiscovery for legal stakeholders by providing an organised, systemic approach to eDiscovery. StoredIQ bundles with StoredIQ Policy to automate policy.

Key features of StoredIQ

  • Automate policy across unstructured data
  • Provide a systemic approach to eDiscovery
  • Streamline the eDiscovery process for stakeholders
  • Enhance your ability to make informed decisions
  • Interactive UI with highly scalable search and analysis
  • Manage both unstructured and structured data in one place

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Accelerate your GDPR assessment with IBM StoredIQ

IBM StoredIQ addresses the issues that can affect your records management by assessing unstructured data sources. This in-depth analysis gives you a clearer sense of where data resides so you can make better informed business decisions. Here’s a closer look at how StoredIQ works:

Understand what data resides in your data sources

– Discover and sort data using reports and data maps based on metadata
– Identify hotspots of personal data, potential compliance issues and violations
– Locate personal and sensitive information using powerful search capabilities with predefined, customisable patterns

Simplify data management and analysis

– Locate personal and sensitive information using powerful search capabilities with predefined, customisable patterns
– Preview documents from search results using the highlight feature to validate matches
– Create reports by term for files that match specific patterns or distribution rules
– Learn whether or not documents with sensitive content have been stored in unexpected places

Create a central catalog with governance rules and policies for GDPR

– Integrate StoredIQ with IBM InfoSphere® Information Governance Catalog (IGC) to sync business terms and rules with your assessment
– Use IGC for unstructured data sources and IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer for structured
data sources
– Populate the results of your assessment into your central catalog

Generate multiple reports to inform decision making

– Create CSV reports showing file details that match searched phrases
– Pull management reports to show high-level distribution and the amount of personal data
– Configure sensitivity levels in each data class and share reports throughout the organisation.

Support data subject requests

– Use predefined filters in StoredIQ to identify personal data related to a person in connected unstructured data sources
– Use predefined filters to identify and delete selected data when individuals request that their data be removed
StoredIQ supports many different unstructured data sources, including SharePoint, email servers and file shares.

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Take control of sensitive and personal data across multiple systems

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