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IBM License Management

Virtually every aspect of managing an IT environment has increased in complexity. This has come as new technologies and business shifts alter the way businesses organise their IT infrastructure.

The ever increasing usage of virtualisation, sub-capacity and cloud based technologies has resulted in the licensing of software becoming increasingly difficult to track and manage.

The IBM sub-capacity licence offers a PVU-based software programme for less than the full processor of the server’s core capacity. There are, however, a number of challenges which present themselves when maintaining audit readiness. To solve these issue, IBM has developed the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT). This is the preferred solution for IBM customers to monitor and report on their sub-capacity licence usage.

Working in conjunction with IBM’s solution, Northdoor’s ILMT deployment offering gets you up and running so that you are able to understand and control your IBM licensing position with minimal delay.

Features & advantages of IBM’s ILMT Metric Tool

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