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QRadar from IBM helps security teams accurately detect and prioritise threats across the enterprise.

QRadar provides a single SIEM platform for maturing security operations and addressing threats through integrated visibility, detection, investigation and response workflows. QRadar unifies visibility with 500+ validated integrations for security and IT ecosystems with out-of-the-box support for hundreds of security use cases including insider threat, advanced threat, cloud security and more.

Northdoor’s specialist security team can help you use QRadar to gain centralised insights across users, endpoints, clouds, applications, and networks. QRadar’s analytics engine uses a range of analytics to identify abnormal behavior and anomalous activity that indicate known and unknown threats. QRadar’s analytics and models have been tuned and embedded with security best practices from our years protecting Fortune 100 companies.

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Despite the IT industry’s efforts to improve security practices, attackers continue to evolve their technologies to find new routes into organisations. New technologies, such as mobile and cloud computing, bring even more threats against security. Firms must, therefore, be equipped to identify threats, detect insider fraud, predict business risk and address regulatory mandates.

QRadar SIEM, is a security intelligence platform that offers a unified architecture for analysing and querying vulnerable or at risk data. It is a smart, integrated and automated security solution that provides complete security intelligence across an enterprise’s entire network, regardless of size.

Benefits of IBM Qradar:

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Detecting threats as your business grows

Facing pressures for managing new regulations, increased visibility, or handling continuous alerts are just some of the challenges facing today’s organisation. However, detecting these threats is not always a one-size-fits-all approach.

A small business warrior, ready-to-scale midsize organisation, or an established enterprise face various security challenges. No matter the challenge, IBM Security QRadar can help.

Learn more with our interactive guide and uncover how IBM QRadar can optimise your security strategy.

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