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What is Data pseudonymisation/ Data Masking?

Data pseudonymisation is the process whereby personal identifiable data, such as individual names and addresses are changed so individual users cannot be identified from data used for any purpose other than the primary reason it was created.

Why should my company consider pseudonymisation?

Concerns about data sharing and data confidentiality especially around the secondary use of data – where data is used for purposes other than those which it was originally collected – has resulted in many organisations using data masking to remove personal identifiers.

Whilst masking is a simple concept scaling out pilot deployments to multiple data sources can be technically challenging and costly.

Northdoor’s Data Record Pseudonymisation

Northdoor’s solution provides organisations with the capability to safeguard personal and sensitive information. Get the control you need from IT and ensure all personal identifiable data is protected.

Key features:

Northdoor’s NHS Patient Record Pseudonymisation

Compliance regulations have now made it mandatory for all UK NHS Trusts to remove personal identifiers from data sets prior to any non-direct care usage. Northdoor’s NHS Patient Record Pseudonymisation Solution can provide NHS Trusts with the capability to safeguard personal and sensitive patient information.


Data Record Masking Solution for GDPR 

GDPR legislation will up the ante for keeping personal data private. If you need to use personally identifiable data for purposes other than those you originally collected it for, are you confident that it’s protected against misuse?  Data pseudonymisation, or ‘masking’, is a good solution in this scenario.  Find out more.

Why Northdoor

Northdoor has a track record of over 20 years in implementing IT solutions that deliver tangible business results. We have the expertise and technical excellence to advise and implement solutions to safeguard your data and help prevent organisations from reputational and operational risks.

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