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You might wish to migrate an application into the cloud for a number of reasons, for example to remove the overhead of management, to improve availability or to reduce cost.

While it is possible to implement most applications in a cloud delivery model, there is a spectrum of how suitable applications are for this. At one end of the scale there are applications that lend themselves to this very readily, and at the other end there are those where although technically possible it would make no sense to do so because of the cost and complexity.

Some of the criteria which determine how suitable an application is to migrate to a cloud delivery model are:

Examples of applications which readily lend themselves to a cloud model are:

And examples of applications which would be very complex and expensive to move to the cloud are:

How can Northdoor help?

We offer application migration services to help you select the applications to migrate, and plan and perform the migration for you.

Northdoor are experienced in designing, implementing and supporting applications in the conventional manner, a hybrid model and a pure cloud delivery model. We thus have an unbiased objective view and direct experience of migrating applications from the conventional model to both hybrid and pure cloud delivery models.