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Cloud computing has made Disaster Recovery affordable for small and medium businesses when it used to be the preserve of larger companies. Any event that brings your IT systems down or stops your staff accessing them effectively stops your business. Having a standby set of systems with up to date data accessible over the web from anywhere protects you against this eventuality.

The Advantages of a Cloud Disaster Recovery

How Can Northdoor Help?

We offer a range of Cloud Disaster Recovery solutions.

A very cost effective service to protect key systems for a small company might involve replicating the data from their file server and e-mail server up to a cloud repository. If they lose their production systems and need to invoke then a cloud server is activated, the replicated data attached to this server, and connectivity established.

At the other end of the scale, a company’s entire production infrastructure can be mirrored in the cloud environment, with live data replication and live servers giving near instant fail-over to DR systems if needed.

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