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Cloud services include varying degrees of managed IT services depending on what they are. So for example Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online do all the infrastructure and application management tasks for you, and just leave you to do the end user admin tasks. At the other end of the scale an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering just replaces some or all of your on-premise hardware and you are still left to do all the day to day systems management (monitoring for errors & performance, issue resolution, keeping services running, user issues and admin, backups, Disaster Recovery etc) required to keep the IT service to your business up and running.

Most businesses now have a hybrid infrastructure (i.e. some services delivered from on-premise infrastructure managed in-house and some services delivered as a cloud service) and day to day IT management is required. This should include how the cloud and on-premise elements are integrated.

How can Northdoor help?

We provide a range of managed IT services. These range from support contracts to complement your in-house IT team through to a fully managed service for all your IT systems and end users.

Northdoor are experienced in designing, implementing and supporting applications and infrastructure in the conventional manner, a hybrid model and a pure cloud delivery model.