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Having worked with both Microsoft and IBM technologies for over 20 years, Northdoor is uniquely placed to offer integration and migration services in relation to these technologies.

Our migration services are based on our AIM methodology: Advise, Implement and Manage.

The challenges of migrating from an IBM Domino platform are largely driven through the multiple different uses of the Domino platform, these being:

In the Advise phase of the project, Northdoor consultants work with clients to examine and document the use of Domino servers and utilise software tools to understand which parts of the platform and which applications are in regular use. This allows us to rationalise the source platform prior to any migration, thus reducing the size of the project.

Once we have completed this we are able to analyse the remaining Domino environment in more detail and to identify the ideal target platform and the migration tasks. We will seek to automate as much of migration process as possible. Typically the target platform will consist of some or all of the following technologies.

Where appropriate we may also use other components of the Microsoft technology set to achieve a seamless integrated target platform.

In the Implement phase we will conduct a structured and, wherever feasible, an automated Domino migration towards the Microsoft platforms. These can be completed as a single exercise or as a phased implementation.

Our goal is to minimise all disruption to the business and ensure that the transfer is smooth, and enables customers to begin to get the benefits of Microsoft technologies as soon as possible.

At the Manage phase of the project as provider of Managed support services on both Microsoft and IBM platforms, Northdoor is able to provide support services during the transition phase between the technologies and to provide a high quality support service for both the underlying Microsoft technologies, and the business application layer going forward.