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Creating your single version of the truth

Isn’t it frustrating when you can’t get a definitive answer to what should be a simple question?

You may need to know exactly how your marketing activity is influencing sales, review how products are faring across regions or need to look into different seasonal trends.

You need one answer – the truth – and for that you need information to be relevant, accurate and timely. Everyone needs to be working towards the same goals, using the same insights and analysis.

Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions

Northdoor brings you Microsoft Power Business Intelligence (BI) solutions that give you the confidence to make decisions quickly:

Why Northdoor?

Northdoor has an enviable record in consulting on and in delivering Management Information (MI) solutions for the provision of formal reporting, ad hoc queries, and data interrogation and analysis.

Northdoor has implemented a range of data warehousing projects over the past 15 years, ranging from installations with a single source system through to multiple disparate sources into a single mart or warehouse.

Experience has enabled Northdoor to develop our approach to focus on the key success enablers for warehousing projects which in turn form the foundations for successful Microsoft BI solutions projects.

By delivering data that is comprehensive, accurate and reliable, and in a productive form for reporting, we have established reporting platforms to enable clients to meet their reporting and MI needs.

Northdoor has extensive experience in consulting on, configuring and using market leading reporting and analysis products, to ensure a successful project whether reporting has been developed by Northdoor, the client or by a collaborative approach to suit the needs and aspirations of our clients.

Use SharePoint to enrich Microsoft SQL & Excel

Extend the capabilities of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and Microsoft Excel 2010 with Microsoft SharePoint Server. As well as integrating and consolidating data your team can now bring it to life in tangible ways, creating and publishing Key Performance Indicators.

Some of the main key features and benefits of Power BI include: