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Keep personal data safe with data masking from Northdoor

Protect Personal Identifiable Information

Concerns about data sharing and confidentiality mean many organisations now mask personal identifiers. This is especially the case when data is used for purposes other than those for which it was originally collected.

The challenges of masking data

Data pseudonymisation is a relatively simple concept – for example, replacing genuine names and addresses with sample names and addresses in customer records. However, scaling a solution to cover multiple data sources is potentially costly, challenging, and unlikely to produce consistent results.

The Northdoor solution

Northdoor’s Data Masking solution is designed to give organisations the capability to safeguard personal and sensitive information – reliably, cost-effectively, and at scale.

The Data Masking solution from Northdoor enables you to:

By improving your ability to mask personally identifiable data, Northdoor Database Record Masking can reduce internal costs and cut the risk of regulatory penalties.

For more information on how Northdoor can help you reduce your regulatory risk and increase internal efficiency, read our short solution brief on data masking, or contact us directly for a no-obligation assessment.

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