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Barriers to success

Data is the engine of essentially every organisation today, powering the development of products and services, driving interactions with customers or citizens, and fuelling innovation. As data volumes continue to grow, many organisations are in a constant loop of buying and deploying more storage capacity just to keep up—leaving little time or budget to look at the bigger picture. The years ahead will bring even faster growth, making it vital to step off the purchasing treadmill and find a more scalable, flexible and sustainable approach to data storage.

Many organisations that set out to enhance their storage infrastructure find that their options are limited, because they are locked into inflexible contracts and expensive hardware refresh cycles with their current vendors. If this sounds like a familiar scenario, then you’ll already know that as well as raising costs in the long term, the hardware upgrades you carry out with existing vendors often result only in greater capacity and rarely in improved performance, manageability or quality of service.

Taking a smarter approach

Happily, recent innovations in storage technology are enabling businesses to break free from seemingly inevitable and costly storage capacity upgrades.

By working with Northdoor to deploy one or more IBM FlashSystem storage arrays, you can gain the ability to virtualize your entire existing storage environment—regardless of which vendors supplied it. FlashSystem unites all your existing capacity into a single, easy-to-manage pool—as well as increasing overall performance and reducing storage management costs. This will typically extend the service life of your existing capacity, and any future capacity you add is then seamlessly available to all applications. And with IBM FlashSystem available either as an all-flash or hybrid flash and disk array, all businesses can find the right solution to meet their needs.

As an accredited IBM Platinum Business Partner, Northdoor has over thirty years’ experience helping blue-chip companies and large public-sector organisations transform their operations with cutting-edge enterprise technology. With support from our expert team, your organisation can quickly and effectively deploy IBM FlashSystem storage and put in place a cost-effective roadmap for future storage enhancements.

Greater performance, lower costs

By creating a virtualized storage environment with IBM FlashSystem solutions, you can reap the rewards of increased capacity with significantly improved storage performance, availability and cost-effectiveness.

The ability to integrate multi-vendor solutions into a fully virtualised storage environment gives IT leaders much greater flexibility and more options for developing the storage infrastructure. For example, selecting the IBM Storage Utility offering means you can access additional storage capacity from day one, while only paying for the capacity that you actually use—simplifying capacity planning, accelerating capacity expansion and reducing overall IT spend.

In fact, increased capacity, improved performance and lower costs are not the only benefits for deploying IBM FlashSystem solutions from Northdoor. You also gain additional functionality across your entire existing storage capacity, such as best-in-class encryption, compression and deduplication features—tools that can enable IT teams to keep data secure and maximise the efficiency of your capacity utilisation.

To find out more about how you can step off the storage treadmill with virtualized storage from Northdooor, visit our data storage page or sign up for a free no-obligation assessment of your current storage landscape.

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