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David Ballard

David Ballard


David became CEO of Northdoor on 1st July 2010. He sees his role as one of building a team with a broad range of expertise and a single culture of responsibility and a proactive attitude. He believes it is extremely important for clients to be able to trust the team’s business understanding as well as its IT knowledge and skills. Prior to being CEO, as consultancy director, David led a team whose approach was always to ask ‘how can we help?’

David became consultancy director at Northdoor in 1995 when Firecrest, his boutique IT consultancy for the insurance industry, was acquired by Northdoor. He had already worked at Northdoor in the first two years of its existence, before leaving to gain experience running the front-office IT for a subsidiary of insurance brokers Marsh in the US and London.

Rob Batters

Rob Batters

Director of Managed & Technical Services

As Director of Managed & Technical Services, Rob is responsible for the development of Northdoor’s capabilities in providing flexible, targeted solutions to clients.

Rob is passionate about solving business issues using IT. His team’s responsibilities range from infrastructure and architectural consultancy, hardware / software selection and implementation, to specialist support services. Throughout every stage of the client engagement, Rob’s focus is on the bigger picture of our clients’ ambitions, as well as the technology itself.

Rob joined Northdoor in 1990 and has expanded the technical services team to match the growth of our client base and range of hardware and applications they use. Since 1997 he is a Northdoor Board Member.

AJ Thompson


In the years that AJ has been with Northdoor, he has played a key role in building our success and our loyal client base. He believes that Northdoor stands out for its professionalism, integrity and its ability to deal with complexity, and he is not afraid to take a controversial stand if he thinks that is what is needed.

As Chief Commercial Officer, AJ is responsible for our rapidly-expanding sales team, as well as delivery to major clients, and managing relationships with key business partners such as IBM.  Driven by complete commitment to customer satisfaction, AJ leads his team to take ownership of client projects and deliver successful results that focus on business as well as technology.

Prior to joining Northdoor in 1997, AJ worked for an IT leasing company in the financial services sector.

James Cherry


As Chief Technology Officer, James is responsible for the technology capability we offer to our clients, and to work with our practice leads to shape technology solutions based on our core capabilities.  James works closely with our strategic partners such as Microsoft and assesses industry trends to ensure our clients benefit from technology evolution.

With over 20 year’s commercial experience, James is passionate about designing and architecting solutions that make a real difference by combining a mix of technical skills and business strategy.  He has architected award winning enterprise applications and consulted with some of the biggest brands in financial services.

James joined Northdoor in 2005 having previously worked for software houses in the financial services sector.

Ian Diaper - Director

Ian Diaper

Director of Applications & Consultancy

As Director of Applications and Consultancy, Ian is responsible for the successful delivery and support of Northdoor’s business-focussed solution services including strategic IT consultancy, programme management, bespoke application development, business intelligence and collaboration solutions, and Northdoor’s own-IP software products.

Ian is an experienced consultant providing programme management and IT strategy consulting services to clients in industries as diverse as insurance, finance, manufacturing, retail and logistics, and covering applications as varied as business placement, production support, financial processing and business intelligence.

Ian joined Northdoor in 1997 to expand Northdoor’s consulting and programme management services.