AdvantageGo partners with Northdoor to sell Sanctions Checker Solution to help Insurance companies conduct their own comprehensive due diligence.

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AdvantageGo, the innovative commercial insurance and reinsurance software provider, partners with Northdoor to provide clients with the Sanctions Checker solution

Designed to ensure adherence to sanctions regulations, the partnership allows AdvantageGo’s clients to automate the process of checking names for potential hits against the designated lists that may require further compliance investigation or due diligence checks.

Through Northdoor’s Sanction Checker service, AdvantageGo’s clients benefit from both an integrated sanction checking service and an API that can be incorporated into their chosen applications.

The solution is available through AdvantageGo’s pioneering, cloud-based Microservices platform as a system-agnostic microservice that can be integrated into any platform or system. It is also available as a fully integrated service within Navigator, AdvantageGo’s underwriting, policy and claims administration solution and accessible via Aniita, AdvantageGo’s voice activated assistant.

“Understanding and ensuring your business remains compliant with the authorities is now an essential part of any insurer’s fiduciary responsibilities,” said Adrian Morgan Executive Vice President and Head of AdvantageGo at NIIT Technologies. “Our partnership with Northdoor combines their expertise with our flexible and functionally-rich core solutions to deliver help insurance companies conduct their own comprehensive due diligence.”




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