Industry-specific applications and custom development

Northdoor's application offering are grouped under five headings: NdexInsure, Sanctions Checker, RiskXchange, Bespoke Development, and Legacy Application Migration and Management.

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Decades of business application development focus

With 30 years of experience serving enterprises in the City of London and beyond, Northdoor has always been focused on understanding and solving business challenges. In addition to a portfolio of business applications created and managed in-house, we offer expert services in bespoke software development and in the modernisation of legacy applications.

Whether you choose a packaged application or a custom-built solution, as a Northdoor client you will benefit from our structured approach to assessing your needs and from our focus on delivering tangible business benefits.

The Northdoor application portfolio



NdexInsure global insurance software. An award-winning platform for managing data, processes & workflow across the insurance & reinsurance lifecycle


Sanctions Checker

Sanctions Checker is a powerful, easy-to-use system that significantly reduces the time & effort to perform checks against the listed targets


RiskXchange AI-Enhanced Cyber Risk Management

Map your partner and client ecosystem to determine and manage your 360° cyber risk rating.


Bespoke Development of Business Applications

Bespoke business applications from Northdoor. We develop, deliver, support and evolve business-focused custom applications to solve enterprise challenges


Legacy Migration and Management

Migrate or modernise enterprise applications to reduce risk and costs while increasing agility. Northdoor offers an analysis-led approach to ensure successful projects.

Industry-specific applications portfolio

Northdoor currently offers three standalone applications: NdexInsure, Sanctions Checker, and RiskXchange.

NdexInsure is a comprehensive underwriting platform that efficiently and securely manages enterprise data, processes and workflows throughout the insurance and reinsurance lifecycles.

Sanctions Checker simplifies, automates and accelerates the process of checking existing and proposed business counterparties against financial sanctions lists—whether national, regional or global.

RiskXchange gives organisations visibility into the cyber risks inherent in their extended network of customers, suppliers, partners—and among all the organisations with which those parties do business.

Development, modernisation, migration

Based on comprehensive assessments of your current architecture and your future requirements, Northdoor can recommend the best balance between deploying packaged solutions, developing new applications, and modernising or migrating existing applications.

For bespoke application development, Northdoor uses modern, agile approaches that enable flexibility and rapid iteration of new functionality. Although most of our clients prefer Microsoft .NET, we also support many other languages, including RPG for IBM Power i, PowerBuilder, Centura and Visual Basic.

For legacy applications, Northdoor offers structured, non-disruptive modernisation and/or migration to new platforms. In addition to reducing risk and costs, our services enable you to add new functionality and to scale up to meet future needs.

Northdoor has extensive experience in Agile methodologies and can help companies adopt DevOps practices for faster, higher-quality software delivery at lower cost.

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Who we are doing this for?


Medivet, one of the UK’s leading veterinary practices with over 100 branches, needed an application to support its rapidly growing business.

Northdoor architected and developed practice management software and provided ongoing support, maintenance and enhancements that allow Medivet to deliver the highest standards of veterinary care and meet its business ambitions.

Ellipse logo

Ellipse was set up by Munich Re to offer Employee Benefits insurance. The company ethos is to make the best use of technology to run an efficient business that can grow without needing a large administrative team.

Northdoor designed, built and now supports the main business applications that provide a complete online solution for financial advisers and their clients, enabling them to manage the entire business process from quote though underwriting to claims.

The Northdoor solution, which has adapted and grown with the business, allows a Munich Re team of just 40 people to provide insurance to over a million individuals.


Canada Life is one of the leading providers of Group Risk products to the UK market.  When the company took steps to being the first in the market to provide a web-based platform for placing business, it chose Northdoor as a technology partner to deliver its vision of an automated self-service system integrated into the back office.  Northdoor provided consultancy and development services to produce a market-changing application that helps maintain Canada Life’s competitive edge.

Application support

Northdoor offers an established, proven support service ensuring that your business-critical applications are maintained and enhanced by high-calibre IT professionals with detailed knowledge of your systems.

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