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Check sanctions against current global watch lists with our powerful and easy-to-use sanctions search and sanctions checker solution.

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What is Sanctions Checker?

Financial sanctions prohibit an organisation from carrying out transactions with a listed individual or organisation. Financial sanctions apply to all transactions; there is no minimum financial limit.

The sanctions search tool checks against government publications across the UK and European Union for specially designated nationals, politically exposed persons and high-risk-person lists. The tool will reveal global, European and UK financial sanctions alerts.

Sanctions Checker is a powerful, easy-to-use system that significantly reduces the time and effort to perform checks against the listed targets. Its unique combination of capabilities offers an effective and pragmatic solution to your requirements.

To see the Sanctions Checker solution in action, book a one to one demonstration with our team today. Our experts can show you how the solution can help you quickly and efficiently run checks against listed individuals and organisations.

For more information on Sanctions Checker, or to arrange a demonstration, please contact the Sanctions Checker Team on: 0207 448 8500.

Sanctions Checker’s versatile capabilities give you:

  • Rapid implementation – Simply implement as a standalone application with the option to integrate directly with your existing systems later.
  • Easy integration – You can be up and running fast and carrying out your first financial sanctions check before you know it.
  • Savings of time and effort – Our optimised search features and false positive management take a fraction of the time to use compared with manual lookups and less sophisticated products.
  • Security and auditability – Client information remains stored within your network, and our audit trail function helps demonstrate that your organisation is compliant.
  • Value for money – With our usage-based pricing model, charges are directly related to the size and complexity of your customer data.
Sanctions Checker Software from Northdoor

Financial sanctions prohibit an organisation from carrying out transactions with a listed individual or organisation. Financial sanctions apply to all transactions; there is no minimum monetary limit. Every organisation must perform searches against the lists applicable to their business to ensure clients, be they individuals or companies, are not on any government or international lists. 

Financial sanctions are restrictions put in place by the UK government or multilateral organisations and apply to most companies and industries, even if the organisation is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. 

Financial institutions should have proportionate systems and controls in place to reduce the risk of breaching financial sanctions. Deficiencies in the screening process or not having a detection system in place have led to sizeable fines. 

Sanctions Checker helps you meet your compliance by: 

  • Automatically creating reports for every search 
  • Providing a full audit trail of all searches conducted 
  • Creating hard evidence of all compliance for the necessary authorities.

Award Winning Software Solution

Northdoor was named a finalist in the 2018 European IT and Software Excellence Awards for our Sanctions Checker implementation with Morning Data.Award Winning Software Developer London

The UK plays a prominent role in the global economy and regulators need to ensure that UK companies are not knowingly or unknowingly helping to finance criminal or terrorist activities. Morning Data’s clients are insurers, who are put under the spotlight of some of the most rigorous financial regulations in the world, so it is vital that the insurance software solutions they provide to their clients support their regulatory compliance and provide a financial sanction check.


Sanctions Checker may be implemented as an installed application or may be integrated directly with your existing systems and databases.

With either approach, access to Sanctions Checker is via a secure internet connection, ensuring multiple offices, or multiple users in the same office, can use Sanctions Checker anytime, anywhere. Moreover, it helps protect client data as information is stored on your private network.

Reports of a sanctions search are generated quickly and written to a defined location on your network, creating an audit trail to help demonstrate compliance.


Sanctions Checker Case Studies

At Northdoor, we have 30 years of experience delivering IT solutions to many organisations especially in financial services and professional services. Our Sanctions Checker is a unique and powerful system that enables organisations to screen their clients, whether individuals or companies, against international financial sanctions lists.

Companies currently using our solution include Affirmative Finance, Cheval Bridging Finance, Morning Data, Munich Re, Stenham Group, Windsor Lloyd’s Brokers, and many more.


Sanctions Checker Partnerships

Reselling Opportunities for Software Vendors

Are you a Software Vendor or Service Provider looking to incorporate Sanctions Checker as part of your system and offering portfolio?

Northdoor would be happy to collaborate with ambitious, driven partners to offer such a capability. Backed by our wealth of experience, Sanctions Checker is a powerful and effective system for screening organisations and individuals against international financial sanctions lists.  Our Sanctions Checker is developed in a way that it can be easily integrated with other systems, increasing your portfolio and revenue streams.

How Sanctions Checker can enhance your product offering:

  • Enhance your product portfolio with a robust proven application
  • Uncover new revenue streams and
  • Provide value-added services to new and existing clients

Developed with integration in mind, Sanctions Checker can be easily utilised to complement other product systems. Alternatively, it can be implemented as an installed application.

So if you are a provider looking for a great opportunity to work with an experienced technology partner on commercialising an innovative offering, please contact us at


Sanctions Checker is an effective system that enables organisations to screen clients – both individuals and companies – against international financial sanctions lists on an ongoing basis. Sanctions Checker is unique in its ability to integrate quickly and easily, and boasts an intuitive ‘fuzzy search’ capability that minimises false -positives saving time and resources spent on searching and verification.

  • Accurate – Minimise false positives through our intelligent ‘fuzzy search’
  • Quick – Massively reduce time spent screening targets
  • Simple – Easy to learn and adopt without complex configuration
  • Cost effective – Greater control and transparency with usage-based pricing
  • Data protection – your client information is stored only on your network, helping to ensure the safety of your data

SSP has partnered with Northdoor to integrate the IT security specialist’s Sanctions Checker solution into its software.

How Brexit affects sanctions and money laundering rules in the UK

UK firms face new rules under the Sanctions & Anti-Money Laundering Act, which also marks the introduction of the UK’s sanction regime. What do companies have to be aware of?

Sanctions violations are on the rise and the fines can be large with a record number of 140 voluntary disclosures of potential sanctions violations related to transactions worth a total of £982 million.

Need an easy-to-use and powerful system that will help you to check your clients against international financial sanctions?

We explain more about sanctions in a post-Brexit world and how organisations can overcome these challenges.

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