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Cloud and On-Premises IT Infrastructure

Maintaining on-premises IT infrastructure represents a significant cost and risk, especially when enterprises have a mix of legacy and more modern platforms. To address this challenge, many companies are seeking ways to limit the number and variety of systems they run. Doing so also reduces the level of technical skills they need in-house – typically the largest element in IT infrastructure costs.

Migrating some or all systems to the cloud is often seen as a sure-fire way to trim expenditure, but many organisations have found that the grass is not always greener. The speed and convenience of setting up new resources in the cloud means that it is all too easy for enterprises to lose control – replacing fixed in-house capital costs with spiralling external operational costs.

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Northdoor Cloud and On-premises Infrastructure Solutions


Infrastructure Hybrid Cloud

Northdoor can determine the optimal platform – whether on-premises or in the cloud – for your key business systems, and help you migrate and manage them


Public Cloud Solutions

Northdoor offers comprehensive managed services, enabling businesses to completely remove the administrative overhead of running a public cloud landscape


Private Cloud Services

Modernise your on-premises data centre to reduce costs, enhance performance, and benefit from the latest cloud technologies


Data Storage Solutions

Does your IT infrastructure support the growing needs of your company? Invest in robust data storage solutions for improved IT efficiency


IBM Power Systems

As an IBM Platinum partner, Northdoor has the skills and experience to maximise the value of IBM Power Systems landscapes.


IBM PowerHA Solutions

Northdoor plc is a Platinum level IBM Business Partner recognised as a Specialist for IBM Power Systems and Expert for IBM Storage product families.


External Storage for IBM i

Drive more value from IBM i on Power Systems by deploying IBM FlashSystem external storage, backed by expertise from Northdoor.


Managed Services Overview

For over 30 years our specialists have been delivering IT managed services. Contact us to see how we can deliver secure and efficient IT solutions for your business


Cloud Security

Secure your cloud-based systems and protect sensitive data against the rising threat of cyber crime with Cloud Security from Northdoor

Balanced architecture

As you determine the best balance between on-premises and cloud infrastructure, Northdoor can help you migrate to a new hybrid cloud architecture that offers equal or greater capabilities, at sustainably lower cost and risk.

Based on 30 years’ experience serving blue-chip enterprises, Northdoor has built up a structured approach and proprietary methodologies for analysing infrastructure against present and future business requirements. We give businesses a clear and organised picture of their existing IT resources and the flows of business information between them. We then propose optimised hybrid architectures that migrate IT resources to the cloud where appropriate, and otherwise move them to more efficient and modern platforms. Northdoor offers a full spectrum of infrastructure services – from design to deployment, and from support to outsourced operations – while managing risk every step of the way.

Resilience by design

The disadvantages of continuing to run legacy platforms are clear: older technology is more costly to support as the relevant skillsets become rarer, difficult to integrate with newer technologies, and can suffer from significant reliability issues.

A wholesale migration to the cloud can therefore seem an attractive option, but enterprises should consider that this may simply move the reliability challenge to a new weakest link. When a mission-critical system is no longer at the end of the hallway but rather at the end of a long wire, you need to consider what might happen if that network connection is severed.

As part of ongoing risk assessments, Northdoor works with businesses to determine the optimal platform and location for systems, and ensures that a network with the appropriate speed, capacity and resilience is designed into the solution from day one.

Navigating public clouds

Enterprises are spoilt for choice when it comes to public cloud infrastructure. Dozens of providers – large and small, global and local, generalist and specialist – vie for attention, all of them promising low costs, high performance and exceptional resilience. Negotiating this landscape to find the best provider can be bewildering.

It can be equally challenging to determine the right balance between on-premises, infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and software-as-a-service (SaaS). Northdoor has in-depth knowledge of the major public cloud offerings and long experience of advising enterprises on the best combination of platforms for their individual business needs. We also understand that the skillsets needed to manage cloud environments have evolved: in addition to handling the technology, we optimise the ongoing expenditure to ensure that our clients achieve long-term value from their cloud infrastructure service.

Who are we doing this for?

Stace, a construction and property consultancy company with 170 staff in various locations, had a sprawling IT infrastructure which was failing to meet the demands of an expanding business. Outages and unplanned downtime were regular events,  and the IT internal team needed expert support to help it create and deliver a new strategy for IT.

Northdoor completely rearchitected the Citrix environment and introduced a task-appropriate, virtualised infrastructure using IBM Storage technology. In addition to delivering much-needed stability, Northdoor separated the desktop and server environments and provided dedicated resources for each, increasing reliability. A disaster recovery service was designed and implemented, and a managed services wrapper complements the in-house team to increase availability and user confidence.

As part of our ‘practice what we preach’ principle, Northdoor carried out an assessment to look at the cost and performance of moving our own SaaS solution, Sanctions Checker, into the Microsoft Azure cloud. Following our successful migration to Azure, we are able to offer greater performance, reliability, capacity and flexibility to the businesses that depend on this service on a day-to-day basis.

Working with Northdoor enabled Best Western GB to meet its key objective rapidly and at low risk: moving existing member websites to a more flexible and secure platform. Thanks to both the Azure cloud and Northdoor’s responsive management services, Best Western GB can now create websites and services much faster and more cost-effectively than before. In a digital-led market, this gives the business a new competitive edge, with the potential for significant ROI in future. Read the full case study here.

Cloud computing technologies

Northdoor is a Microsoft Cloud Platform Gold partner and former Microsoft Partner of the Year Award Finalist for Cloud – Small and Medium Business (SMB) – for our Sanctions Checker solution delivered on Azure.

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IBM Platinum Business Partner in London

As an IBM Platinum Business Partner, Northdoor has deep experience in IBM Systems and IBM Storage private cloud technologies as well as IBM Cloud technologies. We have won multiple IBM awards for technical excellence.

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Northdoor continues to win public recognition for ground-breaking cloud deployments on behalf of clients. Click below to find out more about our latest successes, awards and achievements.

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