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Almost every organisation has applications that run on, or are directly connected to, the public cloud. With cyber security threats growing fast, this naturally creates a whole new attack surface. Managing cyber security is hard enough when data and applications sit behind multiple physical and virtual firewalls in your own data centre. Adding potentially two or three different public clouds into the mix dramatically increases the difficulty.

Our experts have decades of experience in protecting valuable and sensitive data from attack. With a Cloud Security solution designed and implemented by Northdoor, your organisation can:

  • Rapidly identify and remediate cyber security vulnerabilities across cloud-based systems
  • Simplify the management of security patching across multiple platforms
  • Understand and stay ahead of evolving cyber security threats
  • Automate the detection and resolution of security incidents, for faster response at lower cost.

To learn more about how Northdoor can analyse your cloud security needs and design a powerful, cost-effective solution, email us, or call us on 020 7448 8500 to arrange a free initial consultation.

Comprehensive solutions from the experts

The Northdoor Security practice has deep skills and experience in designing, deploying and managing cloud security solutions for enterprise clients.

We can help you understand your unique threat profile, select the right security technology, design and implement the appropriate policies, and build the appropriate internal skills and organisational structures to manage cloud security on an ongoing basis.

Northdoor offers solutions to address all cyber security needs, whether on-premises or in the cloud, including:

Benefits of Cloud Security Solutions from Northdoor

With a best-of-breed cloud-native security information and event management (SIEM) solution from Northdoor, organisations can:

  • Identify and neutralise cyber security threats before they cause harm
  • Gain a clear view across complex, hybrid and multi-cloud IT landscapes
  • Use sophisticated AI to minimise false positives and enhance threat detection
  • Eliminate the setup and maintenance of on-premises SIEM solutions
  • Scale protection to a practically unlimited degree while reducing cost and effort
  • Perform cloud-scale analysis on data to hunt down potentially suspicious activity
  • Use task orchestration and automation to respond to cloud security incidents rapidly and effectively.


Growing complexity

Almost every enterprise today operates some kind of hybrid cloud infrastructure. Some organisations have embraced cloud-native models in which all infrastructure, applications and data are hosted on one or more public clouds. More cautious organisations—or those with stringent requirements around latency or data security—may still keep their core systems in their own data centres. But even the most security-conscious are likely to have multiple subscriptions to services based on the public cloud, especially given the pivot towards remote working in 2020.

As the number of cloud-based systems and data stores rises, it becomes harder for the security team to maintain a clear view of threats and incidents. A further complication is that data in different places may be subject to different governance standards and regulatory regimes. Even before the security team can consider the technical challenges, simply determining what data and systems need to be accessible to which groups of people will be a significant and ongoing task. Protecting these cloud-based resources against a growing set of cyber security threats is therefore both a technological challenge and an organisational challenge.

Cloud Security Solutions from Northdoor


Anti-Phishing Solution

Discover how Northdoor’s sophisticated anti-phishing solution can protect your business from becoming vulnerable to malicious actors and financial losses.


Anti-fraud solution

Anti-fraud solutions aimed at banking & insurance sectors of the financial services industry. Our solutions help businesses defend against fraudulent activity.


Mailock Email Encryption Security

Discover how Mailock can help you achieve end-to-end email encryption, protecting your business against the regulatory, financial & reputational risks of cyber-attack


Third Party Cyber Risk

Northdoor Third Party Risk & Compliance service integrate cyber risk management into your enterprise risk management strategy.


Ransomware Security Protection and Defence

Find out about Northdoor’s ransomware protection & ransomware defence to protect against ransomware cybercrime attacks on your organisation.


Privileged Access Management Solution

IBM Security Verify Privilege Vault from Northdoor delivers privileged access management for better data security.


IBM Security Verify Identity and Access Management

Guided free trial of IBM security Verify Access, with consultancy, installation and configuration from data security experts | Northdoor


MaaS360 – Mobile Device Management

With IBM MaaS360, organisations can manage and safeguard applications and data on mobile devices of any kind.


Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure and Microsoft SQL Azure: build, host and scale data-driven applications in the Microsoft cloud.

Existing security tools and organisational structures were typically designed for on-premises infrastructure and applications. As a result, they may not be fit-for-purpose when it comes to protecting cloud-based assets.

The good news is that cloud-native security tools have matured in their capabilities, and can now deliver effective security protection, monitoring, management, remediation and reporting across all enterprise IT resources, wherever they are located.

Aligning with your internal security team, Northdoor can advise on current cloud security best practices and cloud security principles. We can also keep you informed about emerging threats and vulnerabilities. Our long experience in building data-driven solutions for enterprises means that we also understand that security must be balanced with ease of access to data and information tools. We can help you design, build, deploy and run a cloud security environment that protects critical information assets cost-effectively and without impeding fast and efficient transactions and analytics.

To find out more about Northdoor’s offerings in the cloud security domain, email us, fill in our contact form or call 020 7448 8500.

Case Study

Leading Global Healthcare Provider secures customer data

Download our case study to understand how a leading player in the healthcare industry secured its customer data with IBM Cloud Pak for Security.

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