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The scaling challenge

As interactions between businesses and their customers shift towards digital channels, there are clear benefits in speed and convenience. However, replacing personal interactions with digital ones tends to reduce the ability to provide a differentiated customer experience. In particular, as businesses grow into new territories and areas of the market, it’s becoming easier to transact but harder to develop connections with customers. And with automation and standardisation growing, a critical factor in standing out from the competition will be the ability to scale without losing the personal touch.

The latest generation of intelligent bots provides a simple way to bring the emotional impact of face-to-face interactions into digital channels, at speed and at scale. In a multi-channel world, intelligent bots can represent your business across all devices and at every point in the customer journey.

Be everywhere at once

Intelligent bots that can answer simple customer enquiries at any time of day or night, and in the customer’s own language, can create a compelling connection without requiring businesses to employ armies of customer support staff. In the age of social media, it is risky from a reputational standpoint to leave customers to fend for themselves outside of standard business hours. With intelligent bots on stand-by 24/7, businesses can respond to issues at any time, and can automatically scale up to deal with any level of demand.

Bots can also dramatically simplify and accelerate interactions from the customer perspective. For example, a bot with voice-recognition and natural-language processing capabilities could book incoming orders or reservations. Filling in online forms and waiting for a call back could be replaced by live chatbots that understand natural language and enable customers to service their accounts at any time.

Intelligent Bots – fast and flexible

The latest cloud-based intelligent bots and cognitive services can be seamlessly integrated with existing web and mobile apps, enabling businesses to plug in new capabilities in a matter of hours. Easy tools empower developers to create conversational interfaces covering typical customer scenarios, enabling natural-feeling interactions between customers and bots.

New capabilities can also be extended to employees – for example, through the creation of digital assistants to streamline common work tasks or automatically surface relevant account information when a customer emails or calls.

Organisations can enhance the capabilities of their bots on the fly by activating new services from an online catalogue – for example, introducing image recognition, smart recommendations or language translation services.

Accelerated development

Northdoor provides an extensive range of consulting intelligent bots services to help business plan, deploy and manage.  From the initial requirements-analysis workshop through to the delivery of a pilot project and the transfer of key skills to your internal team, Northdoor can quickly get your business up to speed and working independently.

Northdoor works with the leading cloud providers to accelerate the development of customised bots, taking advantage of pre-built templates and frameworks to connect, deploy and manage your new digital workforce. Building on our deep experience of managing enterprise data, Northdoor understands how to bring together existing on-premises systems and new cloud-based services to create smart new ways of applying the personal touch to high-volume interactions anywhere and at any time.

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