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The cost of inaction: Five cyber security stats for all businesses to consider in 2022

Creating a robust cyber security infrastructure is vital for organisations. Costing financial and reputational damage, here’s how cyber attacks evolved in 2021.

Is IBM Power holding back your migration to the cloud?

An optimised way to move IBM Power workloads to the cloud: Northdoor and Skytap accelerate migrations and reduce risk

Get off the technology treadmill and migrate to the cloud

Get off the technology treadmill and stop buying on-premises IBM Power hardware: migrate your Power applications to run natively in the cloud with Skytap and Northdoor.

Phishing Emails (and other messages) and how to deal with them

Don’t get burnt by phishing scams – here’s how to protect your organisation by recognising and reporting potential phishing threats.

Log4j Zero-Day Vulnerability: What you need to know now

Know all about the Log4J vulnerability and why it is so worrisome for companies around the world. Contact Northdoor for more information.


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