Bespoke Business Application Development

Northdoor develops, supports and evolves business-focused applications that solve enterprise challenges

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Bespoke Business Application Development

Building on decades of real-world experience, Northdoor is able to develop, deliver, support and evolve business-focused applications that solve enterprise challenges.

Every organisation is unique in some way, but it is a challenge to maintain competitive differentiation as the world becomes increasingly commoditised. If you operate in a market in which everybody offers roughly the same products and services, you need a way to stand out from the crowd—or risk a race to the bottom on pricing.

Embedding your finely tuned processes and industry know-how in a custom-built application can help you ensure that all operations run according to your unique model. This can enable you to differentiate your approach from that of competitors, and ensure that clients receive consistently high levels of service. Equally, creating an application that fits your approach precisely means you no longer need to compromise on functionality or creating untidy workarounds in off-the-shelf systems. A bespoke application that you own can be developed in whatever direction your business takes in the future, and will never be subject to unexpected changes, additional charges, or termination of support.

Whether you want to create a desktop-based app for internal users, a mobile app for field teams, or a browser-based system for partners and customers, Northdoor has the skills and experience to help.

The Northdoor approach to Custom Software Development

When developing software, the most critical factor is clearly understanding and defining what the application is expected to do—to ensure that the completed solution delivers the expected value to the business. All Northdoor development projects begin with a detailed and highly structured business analysis phase. During this phase, we work with you to understand the objectives and any potential constraints, and to document existing processes and data.

Once the requirements have been precisely defined, we provide a transparent proposal with fee estimates and delivery schedules. Having architected the solution to fit with existing software assets as appropriate, we employ agile development methodologies backed by lifecycle management solutions to ensure a clear and organised approach. Prototypes of the app are delivered at regular intervals as soon as functionality is ready, so that business users can confirm that the ongoing development is in line with evolving requirements. Where appropriate, we help businesses build internal DevOps capabilities that lower the long-term cost of software while increasing quality and speed of development.

Full-lifecycle support

With an approach that can span the Plan, Build and Operate phases of the typical application lifecycle, Northdoor can support and deliver any custom application as a fully managed service. The application itself can run in your data centre, in a third-party data centre, or on the public cloud—and we help you to determine the optimal model based on considerations such as performance, scalability, security and cost.

Throughout the initial development and on an ongoing basis, Northdoor stays in communication with your key stakeholders to ensure that the app adapts appropriately to any changes in the business. The flexibility of our development practices means that we can absorb the inevitable shifts in scope without significant impact on delivery times or budgets.

Dependable partner

Northdoor holds a number of Microsoft accreditations including:

  • Web Development (Silver)
  • Software development (Silver)
  • Mid-Market Solution Provider (Silver)
  • Small Business Development
  • Cloud Essentials Partner

Northdoor has extensive skills in developing for the .NET framework and we also support many other technologies, including RPG for IBM Power i, PowerBuilder, Centura, Visual Basic, SharePoint, Access and SQL Server. We create award-winning original software for clients of all sizes, from small projects right up to large engagements requiring thousands of man-days of development work. Naturally, all of our code is subject to rigorous programme, system and user testing, and we support business-critical systems used in industries such as insurance, banking, retail, logistics and government.

Northdoor’s clients benefit from our decades of experience in developing business-critical solutions for enterprises. Backed by our renowned support services, we provide software that enables you to maximise your efficiency and competitive edge while minimising cost, complexity and risk.

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