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Journey to the data-driven enterprise

As technology matures and the internal appetite for BI increases, organisations tend to pass through four stages on their journey to becoming truly data-driven. First, business users want to know what happened. Next, they want to understand why it happened. Next, they wonder what will happen. And finally, they aim to understand what they should do about it.

All four of these stages are complicated by two key factors: the growing complexity and fragmentation of the data platform, and the increasing volume of data it holds. In the typical organisation, new data sources and systems are continually popping up, and users are adding unstructured data faster than IT specialists can classify it. The growth in data—and related management effort—naturally implies higher costs, but more significantly it translates into longer reaction times for the business.

Simple yet sophisticated

To enable users to understand the future direction of the business—and how to steer it to greater success—organisations need to simplify and rationalise the data platform as the first step. Next, they need to introduce more sophisticated analytical tools that put power directly into the hands of business users.

The latest analytics tools are designed to be used intuitively by non-specialists, in a self-service framework that takes the strain off IT personnel. Typically cloud-based, these solutions also enable rapid, non-disruptive rollout, so that new analytics capabilities can be introduced at low cost. They are also focused on ease of access, empowering users to conduct sophisticated analysis at any time and on practically any device.

Expert support 

In addition to holding expert-level certification for major analytics solutions, Northdoor has deep experience in designing the underlying data platform and in ensuring repeatable best practices around analytics. Northdoor also creates highly automated DataOps environments to help businesses cut analytics cycle times and create a data-driven culture.

Starting from an analysis of existing data structures and governance, Northdoor can design the future architecture and processes to meet each organisation’s aims around analytics. Next, we can consolidate existing data sources—whether into formal data warehouses or less structured data lakes—to create a responsive source of data for analysis. Finally, we can deploy the most appropriate analytics tools, train users to get the full value from them, and ensure that the solution stays aligned with corporate objectives.

Looking  to a brighter future

With advanced, self-service analytics tools consuming well-governed data, business users can answer deeper questions about how to guide their organisation to the next stage of success. By building predictive models of business performance, users can tweak variables and inputs to see the likely outcome of different tactical decisions.

In a more complex and fast moving world, in which customers increasingly expect personalised services, this improved ability to anticipate future outcomes is of enormous value.

By helping organisations to bring analytics to the fingertips of their business users, Northdoor empowers a new generation of knowledge workers to make smarter decisions at higher speed.

Northdoor offer the following services:

  • Power BI – Dashboard development, training, support
  • Predictive Analytics and ML – Databricks, AML, Python, R etc.
  • Consultancy Services – Strategy, Roadmap, Planning, Design, Implementation and Accelerators
  • Proactive and Reactive Support Services

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Northdoor Design & Build New Business Intelligence Reporting Solution for London Charity Addaction

ibm platinum business partnerNew collaboration for Cognitive Solutions

Colin Lye, Practice Lead, Big Data and Analytics said: “We are delighted to be selected alongside six other Business Partners worldwide to take part in this initiative.

We believe that data can be the greatest asset that a business has and that effective use of data can provide business with a unique insight that gives it a competitive edge. Gaining trusted insights from unstructured data is the challenge facing business today.

Winners will thrive being better able to adapt, maximise revenues, optimise reserves and combat fraud. Northdoor wants to partner your business in this challenge.”


Northdoor wins Data Management Solution of the Year 2018 at the European IT and Software Excellence Awards (IT Europa) for the data warehouse and analytics project with our client Addaction.

James Cherry, CTO at Northdoor, said:

“This is a fantastic achievement. Northdoor is hugely supportive of the Microsoft partner community and we are delighted to have been named winner in this year’s honours with our client Addaction.”
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Northdoor was also a finalist in the 2018 Big Data, IoT or Analytics Solution of the Year.

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