Zero trust: a new approach to cyber security from Northdoor

Unprecedented threat levels demand a new approach to cyber security: a zero-trust approach wraps security around every element in your network.

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Trust nothing. Trust nobody.

Protecting business users, core systems and valuable data assets from cyber security threats gets harder every day. In this age of flexible working and hyperconnectivity, serious threats can come from anywhere, both inside and outside your organisation.

Traditional approaches to cyber security—which tend to focus on securing the network perimeter against known threats—are no longer effective against ubiquitous, fast-changing cyber risks.

Based on our comprehensive portfolio of targeted solutions, Northdoor offers a holistic approach to cyber security that is up to the challenge. A zero-trust approach from Northdoor enables you to:

  • apply layered security to every user, device, application, database and access point
  • detect and halt attacks wherever and whenever they occur
  • proactively hunt and destroy potential threats before they strike
  • gain a clear view of present and future risk; use AI to triage threats
  • balance risk, productivity, security and privacy throughout your organisation.

With individual solutions to meet your specific needs today, delivered within a framework that builds to a comprehensive and coherent cyber security environment, Northdoor helps businesses to start small, see rapid results, and grow their capabilities over time.

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The Cyber Security Threat Landscape

Organisations today face a broad range of cyber security threats. The critical information assets—databases, servers, networks, endpoints—must be protected against threats that originate both inside and outside of the organisation. Managing all these risks while providing responsive information services to employees, partners and customers is becoming ever more challenging. With a comprehensive zero-trust approach, organisations can protect their most important assets today and stay ahead of fast moving threats in the future.

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Zero in on security threats

The attack surface for cyber threats has grown exponentially in recent years as businesses have added cloud applications and storage, and as users have switched to accessing corporate tools and information on portable devices. Add in automated, AI-guided malware creation by sophisticated cyber criminals and even nation states, and it’s easy to see that today’s cyber security teams face an unprecedented challenge.

With a proliferation of security tools, frameworks and practices—often within functional silos—it’s next to impossible for security teams to manage the complexity, speed and volume of threats and alerts.

Zero trust is a foundational concept that accepts the need to balance risk and productivity. Treating every device, system, network element and user as a potential threat, zero trust assigns the appropriate level of privileges to facilitate work without exposing the whole organisation to unmanageable risk. Zero trust wraps layered, proactive, AI-powered security around every user and every element in your infrastructure. It brings all information and controls across your hybrid infrastructure into one place, providing a clear real-time view of risk and the ability to respond rapidly and decisively to emerging threats. Northdoor can help you address your cyber security gaps – contact us today for a free assessment and next-steps guide.

Don’t approach today’s challenges with yesterday’s technology

We all know that the world changed massively in 2020. The shift to remote working, virtual teams and increased connectivity between industry partners created an enormous opportunity for cyber criminals. Phishing and ransomware exploded in popularity, and Europe was the most-attacked region. One ransomware gang alone saw profits of more than £90 million in 2020 and stole more than 20 TB of data. Data theft rose by 160% and fraudulent server access shot up by 233%; researchers also saw significant increases in targeted attacks by nation-state groups. In Europe, 16% of cyber attacks involved insider access.

The threat has grown and evolved significantly—and the speed of change is increasing. Are your existing cyber security solutions and practices keeping pace? Are you tackling today’s challenges with yesterday’s solutions?

The good news is that you can boost your cyber security stance rapidly, at low cost and in a highly targeted manner.

With Northdoor’s zero trust approach to cyber security, you can start small, prove the value, and add solutions to create a single, coherent response capability.

Security Solutions


IBM Cloud Pak for Security

Learn how IBM Cloud Pak for Security, delivered by Northdoor, can help you protect all your on-premises & cloud environments from a single point of control


Third Party Cyber Risk

Northdoor Third Party Risk & Compliance service integrate cyber risk management into your enterprise risk management strategy.


Ransomware Security Protection and Defence

Find out about Northdoor’s ransomware protection & ransomware defence to protect against ransomware cybercrime attacks on your organisation.


IBM Security Verify Identity and Access Management

Guided free trial of IBM security Verify Access, with consultancy, installation and configuration from data security experts | Northdoor


Privileged Access Management Solution

IBM Security Verify Privilege Vault from Northdoor delivers privileged access management for better data security.


MaaS360 – Mobile Device Management

With IBM MaaS360, organisations can manage and safeguard applications and data on mobile devices of any kind.


Data Security

Stop unauthorised database activity and protect against cyber attacks with our layered data security framework. Ask for a vulnerability assessment.


Anti-Phishing Solution

Discover how Northdoor’s anti-phishing solution can protect your business from becoming vulnerable to malicious actors and financial losses.


Anti-fraud solution

Anti-fraud solutions aimed at banking & insurance sectors of the financial services industry. Our solutions help businesses defend against fraudulent activity.


Cloud Security

Secure your cloud-based systems and protect sensitive data against the rising threat of cyber crime with Cloud Security from Northdoor


Email Encryption

Discover how Northdoor can help you achieve end-to-end email encryption, protecting your business against the regulatory, financial & reputational risks of cyber-attack.

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