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Navigating the artificial intelligence maze

From voice-activated assistants on smartphones to intelligent bots on corporate websites, artificial intelligence (AI) services are rapidly gaining a foothold in the global economy. There are many different manifestations of AI, and many different ways in which it can bring value to businesses—which can make it difficult to identify and execute projects.

How do you know where to begin? How can you identify the low-hanging fruit, and get started with AI projects that deliver tangible value?

Northdoor works with some of the world’s leading vendors of AI technology to develop and deploy solutions aimed at augmenting human capabilities in the enterprise. With a focus squarely on delivering business benefits, Northdoor’s AI consultancy backs advanced technology with decades of experience in serving blue-chip companies.

Our Artificial Intelligence Solutions


Machine Learning

Northdoor enables organisations to implement machine learning custom solutions that solve specific business problems. Cloud based and non-cloud solutions


Cognitive Services

Cognitive services bring human-like capabilities to IT systems, using AI to enable them to interact more easily and richly with the world


Intelligent Bots

Intelligent Bots can be developed to create a more natural conversational user interface. They bring emotion to interactions in digital channels.


Data Science

Data Science is bringing new approaches to harness value inherent in the growing volumes of structured and unstructured data stored by all businesses.

Efficiency through automation

We may not yet have walking, talking robots, but robotic process automation (RPA) is already delivering significant gains in productivity and efficiency. For the time being, the vast majority of robots in the workforce will remain software-only, and will be used to automate simple, repetitive business processes. In some cases, RPA will enable organisations to bring outsourced tasks back into the enterprise, to improve quality and to reduce costs. In other cases, the technology will enable completely new capabilities, helping businesses move skilled personnel from tedious administration into roles that add more value.

Process automation is likely to represent a good first step into Artificial Intelligence, As a test case, businesses can identify a narrow set of processes that currently occupy time and effort disproportionate to their value, then design simple workflows to execute them.

Even relatively simple solutions can incorporate AI to perform fuzzy matching—so that minor discrepancies in an online form do not impede processing—and to identify scenarios that require escalation to a human expert.

Scale without losing the human touch

In our hyperconnected world, where alternative offerings are just a click away, businesses must always be at the top of their customer-service game. Otherwise, they can become victims of their own success: rapid growth can easily outstrip the capacity of resources dedicated to keeping customers happy.

By deploying intelligent bots that use cognitive services to understand and respond in natural language, organisations can scale up their customer-care channels and enable personalised 24/7 coverage at much lower cost.

Cognitive services can also be used in internal decision support—for example, helping business analysts to sift through large volumes of documentation to make an investment decision, or assisting doctors in understanding the results of complex medical testing. Organisations can choose from pre-built solutions or assemble their own services from standard components in the cloud.

Accelerate your understanding of AI

As businesses collect more and more data, increasingly in unstructured formats, AI can help transform it into meaningful information. Using machine learning and deep learning techniques—available as plug-and-play services on the cloud—business users can build and train models to predict the outcomes of potential decisions.

Machine learning systems can be trained to identify significant information in incoming data streams—for example, highlighting new market conditions that present challenges or opportunities to the business—and to help triage incoming support requests. Data science tools can further augment human capabilities, giving business users the tools to dig deep into performance data and understand the levers for business success.

Northdoor offers the following services:

  • API development and integration
  • Bot development
  • Machine learning—model design, development and integration
  • Proactive and reactive support services.
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