Data Warehousing Solutions

Northdoor provides a secure, cost-effective and rapidly deployed data warehouse solution, so you can do more with your data.

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Data Warehousing Services

As more data becomes available from a wider variety of sources, organisations have the opportunity to gain a clearer view of performance. Historical data may be accessed for regulatory reasons or as a baseline for new initiatives, and current data is critical for understanding today’s performance and seeing where the business may be heading tomorrow.

Recent dramatic growth in data volumes—particularly in the realm of unstructured data—makes it challenging to gather, organise, store and manage all the information the organisation needs. Social media, machine data, email and enterprise document silos all represent potentially useful information that is currently untapped.

By bringing all relevant data into a single shared resource, businesses can dramatically improve the quality of their insight while simultaneously reducing costs.

Northdoor offers a complete Data Warehousing Solution, delivered by our own in-house team of dedicated data management specialists. We offer a complete solution, from data discovery, project analysis and design, to delivery and support. We have strategic partnerships with IBM, Microsoft and other key vendors to enable rapid delivery of your data warehouse project, at scale.

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Driven by data

To be truly data-driven, businesses need the ability to base decisions on forward-looking metrics rather than simply using data to analyse past performance. However, getting intelligible information fast enough remains a major challenge. Rapid growth in data volumes is overwhelming existing databases, and business users are also augmenting these stores with data from new external sources, much of it unstructured. A data warehouse—a centralised source of pre-aggregated data, tuned for reporting and analysis—can solve the challenge.

Where organisations already have a data warehousing strategy, they are likely to be struggling to manage the sheer volume and variety of data. In IT operational terms, this will typically imply rising costs and complexity, while the impact on business users will be to decrease the speed and quality of decision making.

With a modern data warehousing strategy built on the latest technologies, businesses can create a single version of the truth backed by appropriate security and governance. This will reduce IT and administrative costs, but more importantly, it will give business users faster insight to help them respond to changing market conditions.

Enterprise services for all

Northdoor takes advantage of cloud-based managed data services to democratise access to sophisticated data warehousing capabilities, bringing enterprise-class solutions within the financial reach of any organisation.

Critically, Northdoor offers complete solutions rather than just technology. It is easy to fall into the trap of using new technology with existing approaches, such that current shortcomings are replicated in the new environment. Without careful planning and design around the data warehouse of the future, businesses risk simply getting the wrong answers faster and with greater (mis-placed) confidence.

Northdoor understands that data is the most valuable asset for every organisation, and that taking a purely technology-led approach will leave businesses exposed to risk. Our services aim to establish best practices around data governance, and to embed effective data management so that future data sources can be seamlessly integrated into the data warehouse.

Your data warehouse, designed for success

To help clients manage today’s data challenges and gear up for an every more complex future, Northdoor takes a structured approach, addressing both business and technical needs. Our consultancy services help clients understand the opportunities present in their data and how to unlock them. Our technical architecture services then create the appropriate data warehouse and supporting processes.

In addition to advising clients on related issues such as data governance and regulatory compliance, Northdoor helps support and maintain data warehouses of all kinds, whether on-premises or in the cloud. By ensuring that our clients maintain secure access to a data warehouse that evolves in line with their changing businesses, Northdoor helps deliver competitive advantage from big data.

Northdoor can provide the following services:

  • Data Warehouse Design and Implementation – SQL, SSRS, SSIS, SSAS (on-prem, hybrid or cloud)
  • Data Warehouse Modernisation – Data Factory, Data Lakes, Analysis Services, Azure Synapse Analytics, Amazon Redshift
  • Consultancy Services – Strategy, Roadmap, Planning, Design, Implementation and Accelerators
  • Proactive and Reactive Support Services

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