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IT Solutions for the Insurance Sector

Northdoor has over 30 years of experience in the insurance industry, helping clients of all sizes—from start-ups to large corporates—to manage significant business change. Our consultants have an in-depth understanding of the insurance sector, which allows us to deploy our technology capabilities to great effect.

In addition to our key technology capabilities, we also offer a portfolio of business applications that can be tailored and configured to fit each client’s needs precisely.  These applications support Insurance Broking, Insurance Underwriting, and Insurance e-Business.

Northdoor won the ‘Best use of IT in Insurance’ category of the ‘European IT Excellence Award’. To support Ark Syndicate Management’s start-up in insurance, we set up NdexInsure in 11 weeks, allowing Ark to gain FCA approval.

Further details of these offerings can be found at our NdexInsure site.

Capability: managed services and consultancy built on decades of London Market experience

Northdoor has a formidable reputation in the insurance sector, and we continue to lead the market for IT Insurance Solutions. Our applications are built in contemporary technologies in line with industry best practices and can be deployed either on-premises or as cloud-based SaaS solutions.

Our consultants have a unique combination of technical competency and business understanding across broking and underwriting in the London Insurance Market, General Insurance and Life markets.

We are playing a pivotal role in the world of artificial intelligence, with a key focus on cognitive analytics within the London insurance market. We are also experts in data protection: we offer world-class consultancy around GDPR compliance.

We also help the City’s financial market to industrialise their actuarial applications. Our work improves actuarial efficiency, control, visibility and overall performance.

Read our white paper on how to overcome the challenges of pricing and monitoring the risk for cyber security insurance policies.

Northdoor commits to supporting Lloyd’s of London’s Blueprint Two initiative

Northdoor supports Lloyd’s of London’s Blueprint Two initiative to digitise the London insurance market’s operations by 2024.

Northdoor has helped Lloyd’s of London with its data and IT needs since 1987, we were always going to be at the forefront of helping the world’s leading insurance market, Lloyd’s of London, take the next step towards a digital future.

Interested in learning how Northdoor can assist your organisation with the Lloyd’s of London’s Blueprint Two initiative?

Contact us today to discuss your needs and explore potential solutions!

Introducing Alternate: Northdoor’s Blueprint Two solution

Northdoor plc has partnered with Web Connectivity Ltd. (WCL) to launch its innovative Blueprint Two solution called Alternate.

This solution enables London market carriers to conform to the Blueprint Two back-office message changes immediately, without the need for a complete digital transformation.

Blueprint Two is a critical digital transformation program implemented by the London market to enhance digital services and operational efficiency, transitioning away from traditional methods.

Find out what we do for our Insurance clients.

Our reputation in the financial market is perhaps best illustrated by our ACORD ‘Global Reinsurance and Large Commercial Round Trip of Data Accomplishment’ award. This was awarded for the e-endorsement functionality in NdexInsure, which allows data to be exchanged in a structured format using standard messaging from industry standards body ACORD.

Advantage Go Case Study
"Our partnership with Northdoor combines their expertise with our flexible and functionally-rich core solutions to deliver help insurance companies conduct their own comprehensive due diligence."

Adrian Morgan Executive Vice President and Head of AdvantageGo at NIIT Technologies

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Ark Syndicate Management logo
"Northdoor were awarded a European IT Excellence Award for the work they performed for us - we have been very impressed with the business knowledge of their consultants"

Nick Bonnar Director of Underwriting

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Canada Life Logo
"With Northdoor’s help, this project was outstanding - on budget and ahead of schedule. Who could ask for more?"

Tom Corcoran Managing Director

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Ellipse logo
"Thanks to the systems Northdoor has developed for us, we are able to provide IFAs with easy access to flexible web-based services for the first time in the Group Risk market."

Eva Schwander Chief Operations Officer

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Faraday Insurance London Market
We chose the Northdoor's third-party cyber risk platform to enhance and automate security governance of our delegated authorities and meet regulatory compliance.

Compliance Manager Faraday

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MAP logo
"The application Northdoor built has the flexibility to interrogate data in any combination we can think of. Theoretically, there is no limit to what we can get out of the system."

David Shipley Underwriter of Syndicate 2791

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Markel case study Northdoor
"The Northdoor team demonstrated an exceptional level of commitment and diligence during their engagement and have been a crucial factor in the successful adoption of our new underwriting platform."

Les Agambar Solutions Architect

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Insurance technology cyber security case study London
“With the help of Northdoor’s guidance, we are now better equipped than ever to deal with threats to our cyber security.”

A Lloyds of London Insurance Company Head of IT

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Vibe Syndicate Management (previously IMSL)
"I believe that we have an excellent reputation in the market for successfully executing acquisitions and transitions in a timely and seamless manner. Northdoor continues to be a key factor in this."

Paul Donovan Head of IT

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Insurance Sector FAQ’s

1) What is the meaning of Digital Transformation in Insurance?

Digital Transformation in the Insurance sector refers to the integration of digital technologies and strategies into insurance companies’ operations, products and services to enhance customer experience, streamline operations, improve efficiency, and drive innovation.

Read Stuart Favier’s blog. 

2.) What is Blueprint Two in the London Insurance Market?

Blueprint Two is a strategic initiative by Lloyd’s of London to modernise and transform the market’s digital infrastructure and processes.  It focuses on implementing standardised data models, APIs, and digital platforms to create a more efficient, data-driven, and digitally enabled marketplace.

Read more about Blueprint Two

3.) What solutions are available to London Insurance market companies to implement Blueprint Two?

With the implementation of Blueprint Two, London market companies are seeking solutions to embrace a digital approach. Northdoor has partnered with Web Connectivity Ltd. (WCL) to launch its innovative Blueprint Two solution called Alternate. This solution enables London market carriers to conform to the Blueprint Two back-office message changes immediately, without the need for a complete digital transformation. Blueprint Two is a critical digital transformation program implemented by the London market to enhance digital services and operational efficiency, transitioning away from traditional methods.

The key advantages of Alternate are:

  • Minimal operational, process, and IT changes: Carriers can avoid significant disruptions and changes by adopting Northdoor’s solution.
  • Flexibility in digital adoption: Carriers are not compelled to go fully digital in practice immediately and can transition to a fully digital function at their own pace.

Read more about our Alternate solution.

4) Q: What are the compliance regulations affecting insurance customers in 2024?

The insurance industry is facing a shifting regulatory landscape in 2024, with new compliance regulations coming into effect. These regulations have a significant impact on insurance customers and organisations in the sector.

The Network and Information Security Directive (NIS2), which strengthens cyber security requirements, applies to organisations subject to the original NIS Directive. The NIS2 directive emphasises the importance of board-level governance of cyber risk and the implementation of cyber security standards throughout the supply chain. Even organisations based in the UK, which may have previously been exempt from certain rules, will now need to comply with these new regulations.

The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) also focuses on boosting business resilience to technology-related risks. Starting in January 2025, DORA will focus on enhancing business resilience to technology-related risks, including cyber threats. It applies to various financial sector entities, such as banks, insurance companies, investment firms, and crypto-asset service providers. Compliance with DORA will be crucial for insurance organisations and their third-party ICT service providers.

Read more about DORA here. 

5) Q: Why is sanctions screening important for my business?

Sanctions screening is crucial for businesses to avoid engaging with individuals or entities subject to sanctions. Failing to do so can result in severe legal, financial, and reputational consequences.

Learn more about our Sanctions Checker solution.


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Blueprint Two Solution “Alternate”

Northdoor’s Alternate solution enables London market carriers to achieve Blueprint Two compliance and digital transformation


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