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Rationalising business databases for improved support and reduced risk.

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A modern platform for managing all data

Data is rightly seen as the new natural resource for businesses, providing as it does the fuel for success in the digital economy. Of course, gathering and storing large quantities of data is the easy part – far harder is making effective use of that data.

Putting your data first

In many organisations, the infrastructure has grown in a relatively unplanned way over a number of years, and much data is locked away in departmental silos. There are often multiple different levels of technology, adding to the management cost and complexity, and running out-of-date data platforms can leave the organisation exposed to security risks.

In many cases, existing systems were originally designed for transactional purposes, with little or no thought given to future reporting or analytics needs. As a result, it is now difficult and time-consuming for business users to find the data they need. To get back on the right track, organisations first need to update their data strategy to meet today’s challenges.

Getting ready

To unlock the benefits of BI and analytics, the typical organisation needs to rationalise, consolidate and modernise its existing data platform. Northdoor offers a comprehensive set of services, starting with a Data Readiness Assessment that determines the best future platform for all data. This assessment aims to re-use and update existing infrastructure wherever practical, but also is open to a full range of both on-premises and in-cloud platforms.

For the existing infrastructure, Northdoor provides consolidation and optimisation services, helping clients to rationalise their databases and migrate to the latest versions. By getting back onto the vendor’s standard support path, organisations reduce their risk and get the accumulated benefits of years of updates.

Data platform modernisation

Modernising the data platform typically results in significant performance gains, potentially reducing the total number of servers and enabling the organisation to optimise its software licensing fees. New security features – including transparent data encryption and separation of duties – can help organisations achieve and maintain regulatory compliance at lower cost.

By creating a more compact and efficient on-premises data platform, Northdoor can also help organisations to reduce their IT operational costs, all while increasing the ease of access to data. Current versions of database software make it easy to create hybrid landscapes that span on-premises and cloud resources, enabling organisations to expand at lower cost and to plug in new cloud-based analytics services more easily.

Big Data and Analytics Solutions from Northdoor


Join the DataOps Revolution

Northdoor can help you deliver DataOps solutions that transform your business data into actionable insights.


Data Warehousing

By taking advantage of data warehousing, both on-premises and in the cloud, businesses can embrace a data-driven future, while reducing costs.


Business Intelligence

Success in the digital economy depends on fast, reliable access to dependable information. Northdoor business intelligence solutions offer just this.

Remove the management burden

Northdoor offers a comprehensive suite of services around data platform modernisation, including the non-disruptive migration of existing data to new platforms.

For organisations seeking to improve their focus on the core business, Northdoor also provides fully managed services for major databases. By engaging Northdoor to provide the data platform as a managed service, organisations benefit from our expertise and no longer need to retain costly skills in-house.

Within a managed services contract, Northdoor can also provide ongoing consultancy and recommendations for project-based enhancements to capabilities. Drawing on our technical skills in other areas, we can support clients in building a full-scale analytics capability on top of their refreshed and updated data platform.

Digital Transformation In The Public Sector – East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust

Northdoor provides professional consultancy to consolidate, modernise and migrate NHS Trust Data platform environments to help find cost savings for environment support and licensing, and to provide better application performance.

Press article in Open Access Government:   How digital enablement frees up time and money for front-line services

Data Centre Modernisation Cloud Profiling Assessment

3.5-day exercise designed to help technical and business leaders
Assess your existing data centre environment and provide a road map for migration into the Azure cloud.  (Hybrid or fully cloud).


  • Initial workshop with project stakeholders to discuss the overall engagement including preferences for IaaS and PaaS to and to collate data about the existing on-premises environment
  • Install the on-premises environment monitoring software
  • Analyse monitoring data output
  • Determine equivalent Azure products, services and costs (Server, storage, back-up, HA and networking)
  • Generate environment and pricing documentation
  • Present recommendations
  • Discuss next steps for migration


On completion of the workshop, the client will have a high-level understanding of the Azure target environment and the associated Azure services and professional services costs to migrate away, and a well-proven turn-key migration strategy.

data platform modernisation assessment London

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