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Save time, effort and cost in provisioning IT resources, and become more responsive to new business needs, with an Infrastructure as Code approach.

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Automate the provisioning of IT infrastructure

The widespread adoption of virtualised infrastructure saved considerable expense, time and effort for IT teams. However, it’s now so fast and easy to fire up new virtual resources that management cost and complexity are once again rising. If you’re looking to regain control over provisioning – particularly if you’re adopting DevOps – an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) approach may be just the ticket.

IaC uses configuration files to specify infrastructure; these configuration files are executed through an automation platform that provisions the specified infrastructure. In other words, rather than manually setting up the infrastructure needed to run a particular application, you can define it in standardised document and then push a button to get the environment you need. This not only simplifies and speeds up the process, but also makes it easier to ensure consistency and reduce the chance of errors.

Northdoor IaC solutions use the powerful open-source Automation Platform to help you:

  • cut the cost of infrastructure provisioning
  • dramatically increase speed
  • improve consistency and reduce errors.

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Support DevOps and CI/CD practices

DevOps and Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) depend significantly on automation to achieve speed and consistency in the development, delivery and ongoing management of software. IaC is a natural complement to both practices, because it makes infrastructure provisioning automatic and manageable in the same way as other software code.

With a Northdoor IaC solution, you can easily ensure that your development environment, testing environment, staging environment and production environment all match perfectly, reducing the likelihood of configuration-related errors while keeping administration to a minimum. Equally, using an IaC approach gives you greater control over the consistency of your environments, which helps ensure a strong cyber security stance.

Infrastructure configuration files can be edited, shared and distributed between different teams, saving time and helping with configuration management. This also makes it easier to avoid undocumented or ad hoc changes to environments that would otherwise cause “configuration drift”.

Save time and effort through automation

Adopting an IaC approach removes the need for software developers to spend time manually provisioning and managing the operating systems, databases, servers, storage, networks and components that support their applications. Instead, developers can simply take an existing configuration off the shelf, adapt it as required, and execute it to get the environment they need. IaC also adds rigour to the management of your infrastructure, providing reusable templates that make it easier to ensure best practices are followed.

Northdoor’s open-source automation platform for IaC includes real-time updates on the status of provisioning jobs, making it easy to monitor your extended hybrid infrastructure and troubleshoot issues. Equally, provisioning is just the first step in automation – the software also empowers you to automatically remediate security vulnerabilities, apply updates, manage user access, and perform practically any other administration task rapidly and reliably.

With an infrastructure-as-code solution from Northdoor, you can cut provisioning costs, increase speed and reduce errors.

To find out more about Northdoor’s solutions around Infrastructure as Code, email us, fill in our contact form or call 020 7448 8500.



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