Protect users and data across all devices with responsive, AI-enriched endpoint detection and response technology

Secure your organisation against cyber attacks across your diverse and constantly changing endpoints with EDR solutions from Northdoor

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React faster and more intelligently to cyber threats

As the number of endpoints grows, the attack surface that cyber criminals can exploit grows with it. In many cases, existing cyber security solutions can no longer cope with the speed, volume, and variety of attacks that companies are now experiencing.

To address the issue, Northdoor offers a comprehensive AI-enriched solution for Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), backed by decades of expertise in helping blue-chip clients protect valuable and sensitive data.

Versatile responsive EDR solutions

With an EDR solution designed and implemented by Northdoor, your organisation can:

  • Simplify the rollout and management of agents to protect endpoints
  • Rapidly detect and neutralise emerging security threats
  • Automate intelligent responses through AI technology that learns from your experts
  • Gain full visibility over the threat landscape and customise countermeasures to fit your needs.

To learn how Northdoor can help you tackle the security threat posed by proliferating endpoints, email us, complete the form here or call us on 020 7448 8500 to arrange a free initial consultation.

Endpoint detection and response built around tomorrow’s technology 

Organisations have seen explosive growth in conventional endpoints such as desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and IP-phones. Many are also adding specialised devices such as handheld scanners, ATMs, payment systems, kiosks, industrial control systems, and smart meters. These devices often sit outside the corporate firewall, especially in today’s hybrid workplaces, where employees and customers may need to access systems at any time, from anywhere.

Endpoints are famously difficult to secure and represent an attractive and potentially lucrative target for cyber criminals. Organisations are trying to fight back with yesterday’s security technology—legacy antivirus tools, unreliable signature-based protection, and unmanageable alerts. These measures provide poor visibility of threats, slow and inflexible responses, and over-dependence on manual input.

The Northdoor EDR solution provides robust defence even against zero-day attacks and sophisticated malware. With extensive automation, intuitive reporting, and the ability to learn from security analysts’ decisions, the solution also frees up your security experts from firefighting to focus on strategic objectives.

Fast, intelligent, easy to use EDR solutions

The Northdoor EDR solution uses undetectable and tamper-proof agents to provide complete visibility on everything happening across all endpoints at all times. Its AI-powered threat detection works even without an internet connection and draws on more than 70 customisable behavioural models rather than using simplistic signature/hash-based blocking.

Security analysts benefit from a combination of guided and autonomous remediation, simplifying and accelerating the identification and elimination of cyber threats. A straightforward scripting function allows non-specialists to create and roll out custom-made detection strategies—for example, to support new industry compliance requirements—without even needing to reboot endpoints.

The Northdoor solution is not only designed for rapid response; security analysts can also take the fight to the criminals, with AI-powered active threat-hunting across more than 200 parameters and 80 behaviour types.

End-to-end response for effective cyber security protection

The Northdoor EDR solution is backed by our decades of expertise in helping blue-chip organisations to protect their most critical data assets. We provide a full set of IT security consultancy services, helping clients to analyse the specific threats they face and configure the solution in the optimal way for their needs.

The solution is fast and easy to deploy, and is designed to augment your cyber security capabilities around the clock without the expense and delay of hiring additional security personnel. With AI-enriched automated detection, triage, and response providing front-line protection for all your devices, your security specialists can focus on fine-tuning the detection rules and managing the overall cyber security strategy.

For more information on how Northdoor can help you tackle your endpoint security challenges, email us, complete the form here or call us on 020 7448 8500 to arrange a free initial consultation.

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