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Enterprise IT Solutions

Drawing on decades of experience serving blue-chip companies in the City of London and beyond, Northdoor offers business-focused technology solutions that deliver lasting return on investment.

Within each solution we employ some of the leading consultants in their field alongside consultants with industry expertise.

We always aim to design the best solutions for our customers and to ensure that they continue to be maintained and kept relevant to our clients’ needs.

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Northdoor IT Services & Solutions


DORA, GDPR and other Legislations Compliance Service

DORA, GDPR and other Legislations Compliance? Northdoor experts can help you with data protection regulations.


Data Security

Stop unauthorised database activity and protect against cyber attacks with our layered data security framework. Ask for a vulnerability assessment.



Northdoor recommends the best balance between deploying packaged solutions, developing new applications, and migrating existing applications.


Cloud and On-premises Infrastructure

Northdoor offerings cover six key areas: hybrid cloud, public cloud, private cloud, data storage, IBM Power, and managed services.


Big Data and Analytics

Business success depends on making sense of the enormous quantities of data that flow into each organisation daily. Northdoor can help.


Artificial Intelligence

Read more about Northdoor’s Artificial Intelligence offerings: Machine Learning, Cognitive Services, Intelligent Bots and Data Science


IT Automation

Expert consultancy, implementation and support services for automation from Northdoor

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