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Design a full IT automation strategy with Northdoor

As expectations for on-demand service rise, IT managers are under pressure to achieve more with the same resources. If you could wave a magic wand and make everyone work faster, the complexity of the typical technology stack would still continue to increase the volume of administration and the number of skill-sets you need to master. And even with an army of IT administrators, you’d still face challenges around consistency: people naturally work in slightly different ways, and the resulting diversity translates into inefficiencies and security weaknesses.

Northdoor relieves the pressure with world-class IT automation solutions. Using these open-source tools, deployed by some of the world’s biggest companies, we design, deploy and support strategic automation platforms that help businesses cut costs, accelerate delivery, boost consistency and reduce risk.

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To learn more about Northdoor’s solutions around automation, email us, complete the form here or call us on 020 7448 8500 to arrange a free initial consultation.

Make IT processes consistent, accurate and efficient

Combining technical skills with business acumen, Northdoor consultants analyse your requirements, identify and prioritise opportunities for automation, design and deploy the appropriate technology framework, work with you to embed best practices in your organisation, and support the ongoing development of your automation platform.

The technology we use is highly flexible and configurable, and it works across heterogeneous platforms. Better still, the software is free to adopt, with the option of paid enterprise support from the vendor – so you can get started at low cost.

Rather than simply selling you a platform, Northdoor helps you design, test and implement detailed workflows that make IT administration activities consistent, accurate, efficient and risk-free. The list of deployment scenarios is practically unlimited. Key use cases for automation include application delivery, continuous build/test/deployment, patching and upgrades, IT resource provision and orchestration, cyber security and configuration management, and many more.

To find out more about Northdoor’s solutions around automation, email us, fill in our contact form or call 020 7448 8500 to arrange a free initial consultation.

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Automate processes in three key areas

Northdoor offers three main streams of automation solutions: DataOps, DevOps and Infrastructure as Code.


DataOps is an approach that seeks to maximise your ability to use data flexibly and efficiently in pursuit of positive business outcomes.

Typically, DataOps involves setting up automated “pipelines” that enable data to flow between otherwise disparate and disconnected systems.

Without requiring you to change the way you work or undertake risky and expensive integration exercises, DataOps enables you to analyse and drive business value from underutilised data.

Building on more than three decades of experience in data management and optimisation, Northdoor can help you create fully automated data pipelines that deliver rapid business value.


The DevOps philosophy brings together the worlds of software development and application operations – helping reduce the lead time for new or updated applications, improve software quality and raise efficiency.

Automation is a key element in DevOps, enabling organisations to build Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) practices that tie together testing, release, feedback, design and development into a continuous loop.

In plain English, automated processes in DevOps allow your applications to evolve rapidly, flexibly and efficiently. With extensive in-house expertise in both agile development practices and automation, Northdoor can help you release better software faster and more efficiently.

Infrastrucure as Code (IaC)

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) enables virtual infrastructure resources to be provisioned automatically from a configuration file. With IaC, developers no longer need to wait for system administrators to manually provision the infrastructure they need but can get the resources exactly when and how they want them.

By automating provisioning in this way, you can not only increase speed and efficiency but also ensure standardisation and consistency in each part of your infrastructure – making IaC practically indispensable for DevOps.

With deep experience of cross-platform and hybrid cloud automation, Northdoor can help you create an infrastructure that responds as fast as your business demands.



Expert consultancy, implementation and support services around DataOps from Northdoor



Expert consultancy, implementation and support services around DevOps from Northdoor


Infrastructure as Code: Automate Provisioning

Expert consultancy, implementation and support services around Infrastructure as Code from Northdoor

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