Northdoor Anti-Phishing Solution

Our AI-based solution uses machine learning to intelligently adapt to evolving threats, enhancing protection while reducing the strain on IT staff and users.

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Northdoor Anti Phishing Solution


Northdoor’s AI-based anti-phishing solution uses proprietary, next-generation machine learning and advanced analytical techniques to change the rules of the game. By intelligently analysing content and user behaviour, the solution protects effectively yet unobtrusively.

Drawing on more than 100 algorithms for linguistic and technical analysis, the solution checks all incoming emails for indicators of compromise, classifies each email and inserts user-friendly warning banners where appropriate. URL-rewriting prevents direct access to malicious websites, and the solution automatically learns and adapts without intervention from users or IT staff.

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Note:  Aquilai, Ajax Intelligence, has been acquired by leading cybersecurity company Egress in June 2021, so all references to Ajax Intelligence have remained in this case study. 

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