Aspera: Big Data Movement at Maximum Speed

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Aspera Webinar:

Transform your business – Big Data Movement at Maximum Speed

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If you could move your big data anywhere in the world in minutes, rather than hours, how would that transform your business?  How important is it that these files arrive quickly, reliably, and securely?

With Aspera, customers can transfer, send, share and stream an unlimited number of files and data of any size, anywhere in the world, at speeds up to hundreds of times faster than TCP.

Using industry use cases, this webinar will show you how to:

  • Transfer files of any size between on-premises, cloud, or hybrid storage architectures
  • Enable high-speed transfer capability from mobile devices, desktop clients, SaaS solutions and embedded third party applications
  • Take advantage of Aspera’s robust security, fine-grained access control, and precise bandwidth control

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