Follow the Money: Fighting Fraud & Financial Crime Q&A

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Fighting financial crime?

The cybercriminals always seem to follow the money.
Want to know more about fighting financial crime?

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cyber criminals chasing money, fighting financial crime

Fraud is a £190m problem in the UK. Fraud and financial crime threat actors are getting more sophisticated along with the rising availability of attack tools and exploits. Additionally, analysts are overwhelmed by the volume and velocity of data needed to thwart fraud threats. Join the IBM i2 for a Safer Planet Subject Matter Experts for a panel Q&A to learn more about:

  • The public sector threat landscape and threat actors
  • The private sector threat landscape and threat actors
  • Tools and techniques to fight fraud and financial crime

Meet the experts: 

Scott White, WW i2 Fraud Sales Leader, IBM
David Dinkins, North America i2 Fraud Sales Leader IBM
Michael Kehoe, WW i2 Security Commercial Sales Leader IBM Security

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