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To avoid inconsistencies in data between different systems that communicate with each other, it’s vital to ensure that messages are reliable, timely, and delivered once only. For almost 30 years, IBM has set the standard in messaging with its MQ technology.

By working with Northdoor’s expert IBM MQ consultants, your organisation can:

  • create, maintain, or enhance connections between internal and/or external systems
  • build innovative Internet of Things (IoT) solutions
  • reinvent business processes without the need to rework the underlying systems
  • enhance data sharing between applications for faster insight
  • improve data quality and consistency across the business.

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Leading the world in connectivity

Our daily lives depend on the reliable exchange of data between different systems. Whenever a bank customer looks at their balance, or an online shopper checks stock levels, or trading partners exchange orders, messages pass between multiple systems to ensure that data is accurately updated everywhere. And this exchange of messages also takes place within each organisation, where multiple different systems communicate with each other to enable end-to-end business processes.

Originally designed to exchange information between the world’s largest and most secure systems, IBM MQ has evolved significantly since its launch in 1993. The middleware continues to be used in some of the most mission-critical environments: 85% of the world’s biggest companies use it, together with 94 of the top 100 banks.

But today, IBM MQ does even more than ensuring that trillions of financial transactions are reliably, accurately recorded.

Supporting a broad array of languages and APIs, IBM MQ can meet virtually any connectivity need, from mobile and IoT devices to the integration of applications and microservices in hybrid cloud infrastructures.

IBM MQ’s key features include:

  • asynchronous delivery: messages reach their destination even if communications are temporarily down
  • once-only delivery: messages are not lost or duplicated
  • end-to-end encryption: with IBM MQ Advanced.

Northdoor’s expertise as an IBM Platinum Partner

As an IBM Platinum partner with three decades of experience in serving blue-chip clients, Northdoor has deep knowledge around designing, delivering, and supporting solutions built on IBM MQ.

We help enterprises use IBM’s highly secure messaging technology to connect applications and microservices across hybrid cloud infrastructures to keep business data moving efficiently and reliably.

Beyond connecting diverse systems to reinvent business processes without changing legacy code, Northdoor can use IBM MQ to help you maximise the value of your data and cut time-to-insight.

We can also show you how IBM MQ can accelerate the integration of new front-end applications with existing back-end systems and databases.

And for the most cutting-edge use cases, IBM MQ can form the backbone of IoT networks that incorporate cognitive technologies and integrate with blockchain.

As a universal messaging platform, MQ can meet your needs from mainframe to mobile.

To find out more about Northdoor’s offerings and services based on IBM MQ, email us, fill in our contact form or call 020 7448 8500.

For case studies and testimonials, please refer to the IBM website.

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