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A large number of organisations with legacy applications are now facing real business issues of high maintenance costs and skills shortages, and business critical applications which are running on non-strategic platforms. A move to .NET or Java is an attractive alternative offering web-based applications and service-oriented architecture (SOA) on a strategic platform, but would normally require significant time and investment.

Northdoor’s Application Migration Services

Northdoor provides application migration services from initial analysis to final acceptance of the migrated application. This includes:

  • A detailed architectural analysis of the source application
  • Initial analysis and production of documentation detailing options and approach
  • Optimal architecture selection for the chosen target language: There are various options that need to be agreed and we will assist and advise on the benefits of each one.
  • Agreement of functional and technical success criteria for the project
  • Selection of appropriate migration methodology based on the source code, technologies and business needs
  • Migration of the application via the selected methodology
  • Resolution of errors and warnings post migration and final polishing of the code
  • Unit testing of each function, integration testing and system testing, performed according to the agreed success criteria
  • Deployment of the code into a user acceptance test environment and support throughout user acceptance testing

Why Northdoor?

Northdoor has 30 years of experience with the mix of IT skills required for a successful application transformation project. In addition to strong .Net development skills, Northdoor has extensive skills in the principal technologies that organisations are seeking to move away from, for example:

  • RPG
  • Gupta SQL Windows
  • PowerBuilder
  • Visual Basic
  • Oracle Forms

These skills have been honed in the development of applications for Northdoor’s customers over many years, and in supporting and maintaining applications which often use older versions of the development technologies.

This experience has given Northdoor a significant advantage in understanding the ways older or ‘classic’ development technologies work alongside newer operating systems and database platforms and enables the company to advise on the best way to prepare these legacy applications for transformation. Northdoor can also provide application support for these systems, enabling the client’s staff to re-train in newer technologies, becoming re-motivated, often alongside Northdoor’s developers in a skills-transference process.

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